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The Spectator is published seven times per year by the students of Lake Forest Academy and is a forum for student expression. Follow our student reporters for the latest news on LFA! Visit the paper's website at for its digital edition, and also to access the full print version of The Spectator online.

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*The views and reporting herein are the sole product of The Spectator's student reporters and in no way reflect the official views of Lake Forest Academy faculty, staff, administration or Board of Trustees.


Spectator Staff


Theresa Fu ’24
Jason Xing ’24

Harry Luo ’24
Esti Rosenblatt ’24

Managing Editor of Production

Erin Cho ’25
Assistant Managing Editor of Production

Tanya Ganesh ’24
Sports Director

Quinn Knight ’24
Managing Editor of Sports

Claire Ireland ’24
Managing Editor of News

Amelia Sexton ’25
Managing Editor of Features & Social Media

Olivia Kelly ’25
Managing Editor of Op-Ed

Ela Jain ’24
Managing Editor of A&E

Cynthia Li ’24
Managing Editor of Global

Emma Swanson ’25
Managing Editor of Social Justice

Bela Bock ’25
Managing Editor of Collaborations

Chloe Jhin ’25
Managing Editor of Politics

Joon Lee ’25
Managing Editor of STEM

Ela Jain ’24
Jessie Ji ’24

Managing Editor of Podcasts

Bela Bock ’25
Ford Sweet ’25
Podcast Team

Ford Sweet ’25
Managing Copy Editor

Myles Haight ’25
Managing Editor of Photography and Digital

Mandy Krause
Faculty Advisor