Student Travel

Policies for travel in 2021-2022

Travel for 2021-2022 will be limited to domestic and local sites, with no international programming, due to border restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

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Due to the continued high levels of transmission of COVID-19 domestically and the increased risk of severe outcomes for unvaccinated individuals, LFA will require all students participating in travel through the Stuart Center be fully vaccinated by the date of departure.

  • There may be further requirements from our chosen trip vendor and/or destinations.
  • There could also be further changes based on circumstances tied to COVID-19.
  • All travel will be assessed at 90, 60, 30 and 7 day intervals.

Travel at LFA

Travel at LFA is how we live out our ideal of a “midwestern heart and global mind.” Through mindful travel we seek to embody our school values of character, scholarship, citizenship, and responsibility.

Two types of travel are offered at LFA: Curricular Travel that is linked to an academic class and Co-Curricular Travel, intentional travel grounded in global leadership principles offered through the Stuart Center. Both are reflective of experiential education as defined by the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network’s (ISEEN) definition of What is Experiential Education?.

“Experiential education is a pedagogical process by which educators engage students through a cycle of direct experience, reflection, analysis, and experimentation. Experiential education values personal connection to deep and applied learning and inspires growth in both the student and teacher.”

Co-Curricular Travel 2021-2022