Student Leadership

Lake Forest Academy is the oldest educational institution on Chicago’s North Shore. A merger of Ferry Hall and Lake Forest Academy in 1974 brought together two student bodies—an Academy for boys and a School for girls—that fully embraced Lake Forest Academy’s coeducational mission. This distinct history includes a robust student leadership element that has grown from both the Academy and School histories and provides our students with a wealth of meaningful leadership opportunities. Given the role that student leaders have within our community, any student listed for Warning or Probation as a result of citizenship issues should expect to have to petition the Dean of Students Office in order to participate in the leadership selection process.


Prefects are conscientious and dedicated students who serve the school community and advance the school’s mission. The Prefects work closely with students and faculty to ensure the proper ordering of school life and oversee student leadership at the Academy. Proctors, club leaders, and class presidents will periodically report to the Prefects on the state of their clubs, dorms, activities, and classes respectfully. The Prefects also act as a resource to the school community and provide information and education on current issues of importance. They assist with the opening and closing of school, New Family Day, Healthy Choices Day, Multicultural Celebration Day, and others. 

Head Prefects

Madison Rosen ’25 & Emma Swanson ’25


Lily Botero ’25
Claire Costello ’25
Santi Delgado ’25
Jack Graham ’25
Yiwen Lu ’25

Xitlali Ocote-Arellano ’25
Yusef Primus ’25
Dayla Rosen ’25
Ysa Sanchez ’25
Eric Shen ’25


Leadership in the dormitories rests with Lake Forest Academy’s Proctors. Proctors are boarding seniors who serve the school by helping their fellow boarding students manage safe, successful, and happy lives in the dormitories by providing leadership and guidance. Proctors assist dorm faculty in all aspects of residential life and oversee their respective Dorm Councils.

Dorm Council

Dorm Councils are responsible for the planning and execution of activities in their dorms. Students of all grades may nominate themselves for their Dorm Council. All students are elected by the members of their dorms in the fall. Dorm Council members are expected to be involved and enthusiastic, to maintain an active presence in the dorm during the week and on weekends, and to uphold Lake Forest Academy’s standards of citizenship and responsibility.

2024-25 Proctors

Atlass Hall

Gavin Bailey ’26
Howard Chen ’25
Rowen Correia ’25
Santi Delgado ’25
Joon Lee ’25
Eric Shen ’25

Marshall Field House

Lily Botero ’25
Zoe Cannone ’25
Christine Nguyen ’25
Emma Swanson ’25
Terryn Wilson ’25

ferry hall

Kelly Cheon ’25
Yiwen Lu ’25
Xitlali Ocote-Arellano ’25
Ysa Sanchez ’25

Mcintosh house

Bao Le ’25

warner house

Landon Fraser ’25
Greg Parbey ’25
Arnas Simaitis ’25
Leo Tran ’25

Head ambassadors

LFA's Head Ambassadors are the leaders of LFA's student ambassador group. They work with current students in the ambassador program, training them on giving tours to prospective families and preparing them to host shadow students. They are also responsible for assisting with important Admissions events such as Accepted Student Day, New Family Day, and Open Houses, as well as leading individual and group tours of campus and overseeing the ambassador program.

2024-25 Head Ambassadors

Bela Bock ’25
Saige Chaseley ’25
Steven Chen ’25
Olivia Kelly ’25

Student Council

A President and three Representatives from each class are elected by their peers during the spring term, except the freshman class, whose elections take place early in the new fall term. Prior to these elections, an All-School President is elected. The All-School President presides over the Student Council. The Student Council provides a forum to discuss ways of improving the school community, to plan social events, and to organize fundraising activities.

2024-25 All-School President and Student Council

All School President

Enos Zaah ’25

Student council advisor

Mimi Sexton ’25

Class of 2025 Student Council

Greg Parbey ’25 - President
Steven Chen ’25 - Class Representative
Amira Tepe ’25 - Class Representative
Evan Varones ’25 - Class Representative

Class of 2026 Student Council

Krish Bahadur ’26 - President
Jinki Hong ’26 - Class Representative
Thomas Quan ’26 - Class Representative
Jeff Zavelsky ’26 - Class Representative

Please note that elections for 9th and 10th grade class presidents and class representatives will take place in the fall.

Discipline Committee Representatives

During the spring term, the Dean of Students and current Student Chair of the Discipline Committee nominate one student to act as Student Chair for the following year. The nominee is then confirmed by the Prefects and Head of School. The Student Chair oversees the student membership of the Discipline Committee and runs the Committee hearings. After the opening of the new academic year, any combination of three juniors or seniors is named to the Committee. These students are selected by the Prefects and Student Chair on the basis of faculty nominations and subsequent interviews. The Prefects serve as alternates to the Discipline Committee.

2024-25 DC Student Chair

Claire Costello ’25