Stuart Center for Global Leadership

students in a circle activitiy sharing feelings and ideas written on their arms

Stuart Center for Global Leadership

The Stuart Center for Global Leadership creates transformative and sustainable co-curricular programs for Lake Forest Academy that foster inspired global citizens and promote LFA’s four pillars: citizenship, responsibility, character and scholarship. SCGL’s programs connect the LFA community to the local region, nation, and the world through partnerships that extend classroom learning and relationships to promote positive community.   

SCGL’s programs build inclusive global community through mutual understanding, expression of multiple perspectives, and action. The Stuart Center for Global Leadership models policies, practices and behaviors that help the entire LFA community to achieve all aspects of its mission.

SCGL seeks to create programs that:

  • Build human community and connections
  • Demonstrate and model collaborative leadership
  • Advance multiculturalism and global pluralism
  • See leadership and identity as holistic and key components of student and teacher achievement
  • Personalize global education based on individuals strengths, passions and commitments to action
alumni jim stuart yearbook photo from 1959

Jim Stuart LFA Class of ’59

The Stuart Center is named for Jim Stuart, an alumnus from LFA’s Class of ’59, who has devoted much of his adult life to leadership development in others guided by three core values: self-authorship, transformational change, and serving others. Mr. Stuart partnered with Dr. John Strudwick, LFA’s Head of School Emeritus, to create the Stuart Center in 2016.  Mr. Stuart and his wife, Diane, have made LFA part of their planned giving, with a bequest of two million dollars to be gifted to the school to ensure their legacy of holistic and visionary leaders for future generations.