Harvest Hope

Every year, LFA hosts an annual food drive to help the families at the AJ Katzenmaier School in North Chicago. Beginning October 20, a storage pod will be in the Cressey parking lot. Inside the pod will be bags with lists attached. Advisors and families may pick up a bag from the storage pod, fill it with the items requested, as well as a note of well wishes for the family that receives the bag. On November 13, the pod will be delivered to AJK for the bags to be distributed to the families. We hope to provide 200 bags for 200 families.

12th Annual Harvest Hope Food Drive 2020

  1. Two cans of green vegetables - 14.5 oz.
  2. Two cans of corn - 14.5 oz.
  3. Two cans of fruit - 15 oz.
  4. Two boxes of mac&cheese
  5. One box of stuffing
  6. One box of brownie mix

Please pack carefully and complete a note from your advisory (or family) to our buddies at AJ Katzenmaier Elementary School in North Chicago, IL, wishing their family a happy Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Food can be delivered to the POD parked in front of The Cressey Center for the Arts any time during the day (7:15 a.m.  to 5:30 p.m.) from Monday to Friday. Deadline is November 13, 2020. Questions can be sent to