Harvest Hope

Every year, LFA hosts an annual food drive to help the families at the AJ Katzenmaier School in North Chicago. This year, on Saturday, November 9, members of the LFA community will go to AJK to host a pancake breakfast, set up a pop-up grocery store, and work with the elementary school students to do fun, educational activities. 

Parents are invited to volunteer for the event! There is an early morning shift and an afternoon shift.


Each advisory is assigned to a food item. We are collecting 200 of each food item, and all boxes/cans can be placed in lower Corbin.

102 oz. cans of tomatoes
Arrowood, Atas, Balson, Banimahd, Bateman, Byron, Carter, Cedergren

8.5 oz. cans of veggies
Chen, Collins, Cooper, Dolbee/De Jesús, Dozois, English, Finnessy, Fowler, Freeman

18.3 oz. of boxed brownie mix
Gilbertson, Gimbel, Golota, Gonzalez, Gorowski, Graham, Hagar, Hagen

10.5 oz. cans of soup
Haist, Hayes, Jiang, Kerr, Kim, Koenig, Kolovitz, Lazzeretti, MacAyeal

7.25 oz. boxes of Mac and Cheese
Makovec, McCabe, Mayikana, Plambeck, Andrew and Olivia Poska, Jen, Tyler, and Darrin Madeley

15 oz. cans of fruit
Ramirez, Rogan, Ryder, Schlipmann, Shaughnessy, Smith, Sorenson, Tennyson, Vaca

6 oz. of boxed stuffing
Matt and Suzy Vaughn, Von Ogden, Ward, Wells, Wick, Witmer, Wold, Wood