The Ninth Annual February Frog Hunt

In honor of Abbe Shanley-Roberts ’21

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Frog Hunt 2021 Official Rules

  1. The judges are the Master of the Houses and Mr. Freeman. As judges, these people make all decisions regarding item eligibility, scoring, rules, and anything else Frog Hunt-related. 
  2. No violating school rules or local, state, federal, or maritime law in order to complete tasks. No incurring any property damage or jeopardizing the health or safety of any member of your House, member of another House, or innocent bystander. Please do not incur legal action as our budget is limited and probably insufficient to prevent your languishing in jail.
  3. Some items may run into money, but the budget can cover those costs! Please submit all receipts for Scavenger Hunt-related expenses to Mr. Freeman.
  4. Mr. Freeman will post a chart on the House Cup bulletin board indicating which Houses have earned which Points for which Items. He may even update it occasionally.
  5. Fair play is a must. Any obvious cheating or sabotage may result in your House’s disqualification from that portion of the Scavenger Hunt and will be noted in the first sentence of your college counselor’s recommendation.
  6. Do not assume that we have any idea what we’re looking for with regard to some of these items. Because creativity. Rock the House!
  7. Point totals on the list of items indicate the maximum number of points that can be earned for that particular item. Judges can and oh certainly will award partial points for efforts that they deem lame, incomplete, promising but flawed, or otherwise less than House-rocking.
  8. All items whose descriptions do not stipulate a particular deadline or location should be submitted to Mr. Freeman by High Noon on 2/28.

In memory of Lewis House Captain Abbe-Shanley Roberts ’21, all of this year’s Frog Hunt challenges are inspired by her likes, dislikes, opinions, habits, and personality quirks. Honor her memory and complete these tasks with her gusto, imagination, and wit.

  1. We won’t even try to compete with Abbe’s amazing Morning Meeting performance from last year, wearing 42 layers of LFA spirit gear. This year, just build a snowman (snow-woman, snow-human) on the quad in the actual shape of a man/woman/human and have it wear as much LFA gear as possible. (Up to 380 points depending on quantity of gear and degree of difficulty – a hat isn’t worth as much as a snow-packed pair of sweat pants, for example.)

  2. Abbe loved to knit. Do you? Yarn and instructions will be available later this week in the DOS. (130 / 90 / 70 / 48 points for 1 st -4 th place.)

  3. I mean, she really loved to knit. More yarn and different instructions will arrive later this month. We’ll let you know when this kit is ready to pick up from the DOS. #2 and #3 must be claimed by different members of the same House unless you finish #2 and your House’s #3 is still available. (140 / 100 / 85 / 67 points.)

  4. A picture of a member of your House wearing the completed #2 and #3. (46 points.)

  5. Abbe loved funky socks. On February 18 at 2 pm, we’ll scatter 90 pairs of funky socks across the gym floor and hold a relay race to see which House can reunite the most matched pairs. (17 points per pair reunited, plus a 100-point bonus for the team that gets the most.)

  6. Abbe loved both baking and pumpkin spice. Bring your best pumpkin-space-flavored baked good or food item to the DOS on February 26 for judging. Each House may submit as many different items as desired. 200/140/80/60 points for the top four finishers.

  7. Abbe hoped to major in Naval Architecture. Your Naval Architecture task is to assemble the 2631-piece LEGO battleship that will soon be at one of the work spaces in the Upper Corbin hallway. Please observe social distancing – one person working on this project at a time. (400 points for first place; 250 / 150 / 100 for 2nd -4th )

  8. Poetry in honor of Abbe. (Don’t worry if you didn’t know her - she wouldn’t have hesitated to make something up about YOU if the Frog Hunt demanded it.) All poems must be upbeat and cheerful, in keeping with her constant high spirits. (Up to 30 points for a haiku, 50 for a limerick, 190 for a Shakespearean sonnet, 270 for a villanelle. Other forms acceptable and will be scored according to difficulty)

  9. Abbe was allergic to scallops. Or maybe it was just a deep-seated and entirely justified animosity. Draw your best malevolent scallop doing something that would make Abbe, or anyone else, dislike it immensely. (Up to 110 points)

  10. 10. When Abbe was three, she invented “kitchen ghost,” which involved her putting a kitchen towel over her head and walking around the kitchen saying “Boo! I’m a kitchen ghost!” This doesn’t quite sound like a horror movie, but blockbusters have been built on less. Design the poster for this year’s scariest film, KITCHEN GHOST. (Up to 260 points)

  11. Bernie Sanders has popped up everywhere recently, mostly in places where he has no business being. Just like this challenge, which has nothing to do with Abbe, appears here in the middle of the Frog Hunt. Bernie around LFA memes. (10 pts. each, max. 200 pts/House)

  12. Abbe and her sister renamed all the birds in the world with descriptions (hawks were “speedy snatchers” and cranes were “slim standers” and pelicans were “big scoopers”). Provide some other new names that are accurate and, whenever possible, alliterative. (10 points/name, max. 300 points)

  13. Abbe was on the hockey team, so she could skate. What she could NOT do was stop. Record a video at the rink of you sliding into the boards behind either goal. The person who starts their slide the furthest away from the wall receives 91 points. Everyone else gets only their bruises.

  14. The one email from Abbe still in my Gmail account reads as follows:

    Hi Mr. Freeman,
    I have 48 ounces of dryer lint. Where should I put it for the dryer lint drive?

    Use this email as the basis for a poem in the style of William Carlos Williams’s “This is just to say” (Up to 111 points)

  1. Abbe would not want us to change this traditional Frog Hunt item: The longest icicle you can find. Present to anyone in the DOS. (10 pts./inch)

  2. Abbe’s sister believed that Abbe could see more colors than anyone. Invent a new color. Name it, define it, and tell us some things that are that color (which will be tricky, because, you know, most things are already one of the existing covers). (Up to 140 points.)

  3. How many hyphenated last names (like Shanley-Roberts) can you find PERMANENTLY displayed on campus (i.e., on plaques, signs, pictures, etc.)? (10 pts./name)

  4. Abbe was the Lewis House Captain. Turn LEWIS into HOUSE by changing one letter at a time. Each word between LEWIS and HOUSE must also be a legitimate word (including proper nouns – you may change LEWIS to LEVIS as your first step, for instance). Full disclosure: We are not sure that this is possible. Try anyway. (300 points, minus 10 points for each step in between LEWIS and HOUSE)

  5. Abbe’s birthday was 3/22, and she insisted that pudding is a soup. Defend this position in an essay of exactly 322 words. (Up to 322 points)

  6. Abbe loved – LOVED – to sail. Send me a message about the Frog Hunt using the Royal Navy flag codes outlined in Home Riggs Popham’s Telegraphic Signals; Or Marine Vocabulary. Your message should include the flags you’d fly to relay this message as well as a translation. (Up to 410 points.)

  7. Where can I find a “LAKE FOREST ACADEMY SAILING CLUB” item displayed on campus? (93 points)

  8. Abbe liked handing out aloe plants. How about you hand in as many different products containing aloe as you can find? Once a type of product (i.e., hand lotion) has been submitted, it’s off limits for the other Houses. (20 points/item, max. 360 points)

  9. How many words of four or more letters can you make from these letters? The center letter MUST appear in every word. You may repeat letters within the same word. (10 points per 4-letter word; 30 pts for 5-letter words, 40 for 6 letters, 50 for 7, etc., etc.)

    word challenge - Y in center hexagon. L, N, E, S, H, A in surrounding hexagons
  10. Abbe loved pugs and loved Lewis House. Put a pug in a Lewis House T-shirt. Pictures, please. (83 points)

  11. Abbe occasionally enjoyed a bagel with cream cheese and hot sauce. Get a bagel. Spread cream cheese on it. And then put the hot sauce on in some incredibly elaborate or beautiful or creative design. Mount Rushmore in hot sauce? A mandala? The LFA logo? Send pictures of your bagel artwork to Mr. Freeman for up to 184 points.

  12. Abbe hated The Big Lebowski. If she told The Dude this to his face, how would he respond? Write him a new monologue that fits his character and this scenario. (Up to 210 points.)

  13. Abbe also hated The Office (she told her family, “Why would you want to watch people being stupid on TV when you could just go outside and see the same thing?”). Now imagine an episode of The Office in which all the characters tell the camera how they feel about this news. Write the script for that episode. (Up to 500 points depending on how much your characters act and talk like themselves.)

  14. Abbe judged restaurants by their bathrooms. Rank the Top Ten Bathrooms at LFA, with accompanying explanation of their relative merits and drawbacks. (Up to 240 points.)