Academy Anecdotes

Angelina Chan

“[Science Olympiad] is such a fun club. It’s really cool. Especially because it’s really entirely student run, and a lot of the other schools around here at competitions, you see like the parents running everything…that’s not the point of the whole experience, to win- [but when] you improve and do it yourself, it feels so much better when you win, or when you do well, when you’ve done it yourself. And that’s what we really do...and all of our announcements and all of our study sessions and all the things we build are all our own, and it’s just very exciting, it’s a cool thing.

Angelina Chan

On her favorite moment as a dorm parent: “A few years ago, probably four years ago - I asked for a Caxy van, and I didn’t tell the girls. At 10 p.m., we were going to have a dorm meeting, and my plan was to get them all together and be like, ‘hey we have a dorm meeting,’ and then take them all to McDonald’s. And I remember thinking, how many of the girls are going to be like, ‘can I just stay here?’, and being worried that they might not want to go, that they might want to stay, that they might have too much work, they might not even be excited...But, actually, they were super excited. They didn’t believe me at first, everybody wanted to go - they were taking pictures on the bus, and so that was a lot of fun for me. So every year I do this a couple of times where I don’t tell them ahead of time… because [McIntosh is] a smaller dorm, we can do things like that with the whole dorm together. That was fun.”  

Angelina Chan



"The [LFA] community was very inclusive… I wasn’t afraid to try new things… I found support from multiple arts faculty and the arts group of kids, and they helped me integrate into the play and made me feel at home." - Ayaan Ahmed '18


"In terms of advice for seniors now, I’d say enjoy enjoy your last semester here because it’s such a close group of people. Even if it’s 400 kids, you’re probably not going to get that in college, that small group where you know almost everybody that you can see, so there’s a lot of benefits to that community at LFA." - Krishna Nair '18



(L-R) Diana, Julia, and Audrey

"I think the moments that will stick with me is everyone in the dorm. I was there for two years, and when it got hard at LFA, I would always go to the dorm and just be in the commons." - Diana Tlaseca '19

"I really liked my time being in the girls’ and boys' swim team - such two different experiences but it’s really nice to get to know people that maybe you didn’t think you would. I made my first friends on swim team." - Julia Knauz '19

"Every time I think back about [my time at LFA], those nights [at the dorm] were the best part of sophomore year. Also, I just really liked my AP Lit class with Mr. Freeman…Writing had always been seemingly easy but Mr. Freeman made it hard and made us really try." - Audrey Taillon '19

Angelina Chan

"The thing I have found the most calming when you’re studying is to just take a second, regroup yourself, do a little placement of where you are in the world, and then you can go back to studying. 

When you’re actually in the test - I know I’ve had times when I don’t know what the answer is, or I’m starting to freak out - I just take a second, breathe, look up, look down, side-to-side, and just refocus my mind. [I] look around the room a little bit to get my concentration off of the page, and then I come back to it. I find that I’m usually a little bit better and I can remember things - as weird as it sounds, just looking at other random, totally unrelated things helps you recall things that you studied."

Angelina Chan

On the future of sustainability: I do think there will be drastic reductions in single-use plastics and a big boost in the production of plant-based plastics that are compostable or that can be turned back into the component. One of my students is making plastic out of seaweed. If you make it out of seaweed, it’s going to break back down into the components of seaweed, so it can go back into the ocean if it accidentally gets put [there]... as opposed to petroleum-based plastics which degrades into tiny pieces of microplastics, but it’s still plastic- it didn’t break down into the simplest molecules.