Spring Semester Arts Courses

Advanced Music Production

Once you are familiar with the creative process in Ableton Live, Soundtrap, and other production tools (from EM1), you are ready to delve into the world of advanced music production and collaborative music making. This class will focus primarily on development of musical style and composition technique through guided tutorials, discussions about basic music theory, and listening assignments. Students will engage in project-based learning activities that require them to compose a piece of music within certain parameters, then look to add their own ideas through the editing and mixing process. The class will include opportunities to share finished work with the community in a variety of venues. Prerequisite: Electronic Music 1 or departmental approval, Half credit]

Ceramics II

This course builds on skills learned and practiced in Ceramics I. Students in Ceramics II move on to more challenging techniques in hand-building, including coil pots and large-scale slab construction. Wheel work focuses on mastering form and throwing larger, more complex work. An introduction and mastery of mold making and slip casting techniques will be discussed. Self-evaluation and weekly practice outside of class time are important parts of the learning process throughout the course. [Prerequisite: Ceramics I or departmental approval, Half credit]

Public Speaking

There is no field of endeavor in which participants do not benefit greatly from effective skills in communication and persuasion. Confident bearing, ability to craft convincing arguments, and facility with language are universal keys to success. This course teaches methods, strategies, and physical techniques for speaking in front of an audience. Students will learn to formulate specific purpose statements, analyze and adapt to audiences, organize ideas, recognize rhetorical and logical strategies, choose language deliberately, construct outlines, and write and deliver credible presentations, becoming more effective speakers and more critical audience members. [Half credit]


This course is recommended for students who want to gain a basic understanding of the concepts and materials used in creating three-dimensional artworks. Students will be introduced to a comprehensive range of sculpture techniques and will work with a variety of mediums including clay, glass, textiles, paper, plaster and metal. During the course of the semester, students will become familiar with different art forms and practices used by various cultures throughout the world. [Half credit]

Theater Technology II

This course offers a more comprehensive study into the various elements of technical theater production, including lighting, sound, and scenic design. Continuing themes from the previous course, students will explore various production roles, and develop management and production skills while creating and implementing original technical designs. Students will be expected to draw on knowledge from the previous course while mastering new concepts and skills. Students will be involved in all levels of production, from conceptualization and construction through operation and management. As an aspect of the course, students will serve as technical crew for many of the Academy’s productions and special events. [Prerequisite: Theater Technology I, Half credit]

Introduction to Woodworking

Introduction to Woodworking is a semester-long course developed to familiarize students to the fundamental skills and methods of woodworking. Students will work with hand tools and power tools with an emphasis on proper technique and safety. Projects constructed within the course are the result of the development of skills, creativity, and craftsmanship. Throughout this course, students will be challenged to make complex aesthetic decisions and modifications to their process while developing tool and material competencies.[Half credit]

Advanced Woodworking

Advanced Woodworking is a semester-long course designed to build upon the skills and concepts gained within the Introduction to Woodworking course. Students will use many of the same tools from the first course but with different operations expecting different results. This course will challenge students to develop compound problem-solving skills while working to develop self reliance, higher-order tool skills, ingenuity, and perseverance. [Prequisite: Introduction to Woodworking. Half credit]

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