Fall Semester Arts Courses

Ceramics I

This course introduces students to creating and using the pottery wheel by sculpting clay by hand. Students will learn various techniques for adorning the surface of their clay objects using glazing and printmaking methods. Students will explore the historical significance of ceramics in various cultures as well as the aesthetic traditions of making functional pottery. Through this exploration, students will become proficient in a number of skills that are used when working with clay, including: throwing and trimming work on the pottery wheel, slab building, coiling, and basic surface decoration techniques. [Half credit]

Electronic Music I

From beat production to experimental music, technology plays a foundational role in the creation of music today. In this class, we dive right in with simple tools that will have you making music regardless of your previous experience. As the semester progresses, you will learn the processes in order to take your music to the next level while learning more advanced skills in production. A large portion of the technology in class will be provided, including access to professional-level music production software (Ableton Live and SoundTrap). iPads are required for use with TableTop, which is a free app that will require some in-app instrument purchases. By the end of the term, you will be ready to produce your own beats, program synths for EDM, or record original music. [Half credit]

Public Speaking

There is no field of endeavor in which participants do not benefit greatly from effective skills in communication and persuasion. Confident bearing, ability to craft convincing arguments, and facility with language are universal keys to success. This course teaches methods, strategies, and physical techniques for speaking in front of an audience. Students will learn to formulate specific purpose statements, analyze and adapt to audiences, organize ideas, recognize rhetorical and logical strategies, choose language deliberately, construct outlines, and write and deliver credible presentations, becoming more effective speakers and more critical audience members. [Half credit]


This course is recommended for students who want to gain a basic understanding of the concepts and materials used in creating three-dimensional artworks. Students will be introduced to a comprehensive range of sculpture techniques and will work with a variety of mediums including clay, glass, textiles, paper, plaster and metal. During the course of the semester students will become familiar with different art forms and practices Used by various. cultures throughout the world. [Half credit]

Theater Technology I

This is an introductory course which investigates the technical aspects of designing and running a theatrical production. This course will introduce students to the basic principles of scenic design, sound design, and lighting design as well as other aspects of technical theater. Students will learn to safely use many of the tools and equipment required to set the stage for a performance. Students will be involved in all aspects of production, from conceptualization and construction to operation and management. As an aspect of the course, students will be required to serve as technical crew for many of the Academy’s productions and special events. [Half Credit]

Introduction to Woodworking

This course is designed to expose students to the fundamental elements and skills of basic woodworking. Students will understand the safe, effective and efficient use of both hand and power tools, while emphasizing craftsmanship, planning, and finishing. As students progress, they will create various woodworking projects that reinforce and challenge skills while exploring areas of functional object making. [Half credit]

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