Freshman Year

Get off to a good start, and lay down a solid foundation on which to build upon. To use a sporting analogy, “You can’t win the game in the first quarter, but you can certainly lose it!”

  • Read voraciously! Blogs, magazines, newspapers, books—find topics that engage you, and look up unfamiliar words.
  • Make an ally out of social media. What you post will follow you, so use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram wisely. The technological profile you construct is a part of your narrative.
  • Academic path. Consider curricular recommendations made by colleges (i.e. if you want to pursue Engineering, make sure you’re on a path to take AP Calculus and AP Physics by your senior year).
  • Challenge yourself appropriately. Grades and academic rigor will be the two single most important factors in college admission decisions. So perform well in your classes, and don’t just go for easy A’s. If you can take on more rigor, take more rigor.
  • Get involved! Continue to stay engaged in the community. Be active, and find opportunities outside the classroom. Don’t just be involved, be engaged!

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