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Several of our courses contain a travel component which offers our students unparalleled experiential learning experiences to complement a rigorous curriculum. These programs allow any student enrolled in the courses to put into action what they study and to truly become even more inspired global citizens.

Students in AP Environmental Science participate in a service learning trip to a conservation ecosystem in New Mexico, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or other U.S location. They practice living sustainably and implement what they learn in the classroom to complete projects promoting the importance of biodiversity and reducing their environmental footprint. Most recently, they traveled to Washington State for a real-world experience in the application of their skills, taking in the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest and coming to a better understanding of the relevance and urgency of this course of study.

In Morocco, post-AP level French students enrolled in Le monde francophone live with families to participate in daily life and further their understanding of identity and cultural duality. Staying in a remote mountain village allows our students to connect with different generations of Arab and Berber Moroccans. In Guadeloupe, the intriguing balance of living in France in the Americas is best experienced in-person when our French students are linguistically and culturally immersed in the fascinating, multicultural aspects of Guadeloupean culture and identity.

In Panama, students in Contemporary Civilizations and Cultures of Latin America spend time visiting indigenous peoples and local school children, which has since led to a fundraising effort to help equip the one-room schoolhouse and solidify ties between our schools. These Spanish students have taken action to maintain this connection and have been forever changed by the experience.

Students in Choir or Orchestra are also able to take part in energizing trips to domestic locations that have included New York City, St. Paul, and Memphis in recent years. In New York, Choir students partake in private workshops and behind-the-scenes views of what musical theater entails. On all trips, students both perform and attend performances, have access to master classes, meet with professionals, and incorporate service into their long weekend experiences. They return an even more united and inspired group.

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