iPad Program

Currently in it's fourth year , LFA's one-to-one iPad program enables teachers and students to incorporate 21st century tools and skills into everyday practice. Given its versatility, portability, and accessibility the iPad is the ultimate multi-use educational tool. Not only does it serve as a e-textbook reader and note taking device, but it’s usefulness extends well beyond such basic functionality. A student can render a difficult geometry proof or look up the etymology of a vocabulary word all with the touch of a finger. A student can receive a packet of information electronically from his or her teacher in an instant, or quickly represent a physics phenomenon digitally. The iPad is incredibly customizable, allowing teachers to further tailor their courses to the needs of LFA students and incorporate myriad sources and resources easily and seamlessly.

The introduction of the iPad program fulfills an important part of LFA’s strategic plan--a one to one tablet program. The Academy takes seriously its responsibility to equip students with the skills necessary to navigate this 21st century world. Familiarity and expertise with technology are at the forefront of needed skills. Lake Forest Academy is confident that this program will further the school’s mission to embody in its practices and to cultivate in its students excellence of character, citizenship, scholarship and responsibility and ensure that LFA remains at the forefront of educational practice.

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