Senior Year—Connections and Creation

Scholarship—Critical analysis and exploration

Citizenship—Connections through a global lens

Character—Taking on leadership roles and striving for self-actualization

Responsibility—Being active role models in academic and extracurricular groups

In the senior year, students continue to define themselves and their place in the world. As they explore global connections within their curricular and extra-curricular experiences, they are also encouraged to assume roles as active leaders within all aspects of campus life. Throughout their studies here, students take ownership in their learning. By their senior year, students are often designing much of their educational experience through the numerous curriculum offerings in every department.

In addition to AP courses, a rich selection of elective courses leads students to do extensive analysis of real-world situations and investigate connections to ever-evolving global issues. Several of these classes, including Le monde francophone and AP Environmental Science, also include a travel component which offers an unparalleled experiential learning opportunity built into the curriculum.

Chromatographic research and methods or exploration in Principles of Engineering are only two of the many paths of scientific study available to students their senior year.

History electives allow students to delve deeper into topics such as the Holocaust, Indigenous Peoples, and Global Affairs. Whether students pursue goals set in AP English Literature and Composition or want to explore Modernism or Gothic Literature in an English elective, they become stronger writers, readers, and students of the world.

In the Arts, seniors are leaders in terms of skills and artistic thought. They are encouraged to be creative within a given medium while continuing to learn and refine advanced skills.

In Seminar, the college process is the primary focus. With a rich variety of personalized experiences behind them, seniors are looking forward to what the future holds.

At the close of their senior year, students are ready to embark on their college career as inspired global citizens.

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