Junior Year—Independence and Inquiry

Scholarship—Widening the lenses of analysis and perspective

Citizenship—Interpretation of the world around us

Character—Developing leadership skills

Responsibility—Working independently and initiating in-depth research

Building upon the outward exploration of sophomore year, junior year presents students with various opportunities to bring their newly gained expanded understandings back toward a more systematic focus, developing their independence and honing in on generating a more analytical perspective.

Looking at the world through a keen and developed eye, students use college-level resources and scholarly academic research databases. They approach courses rich with methodical study and classes guided by a significant research component, such as U.S. History and AP English Language and Composition. Students in calculus, for example, deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts that complement their studies in advanced science courses.

Students also take advantage of the multitude of choices available in the Sciences. For example, they deepen their understanding in Chemistry or Physics or delve into the complexity of Biology. In language courses, students expand their speaking and writing skills, and give more in-depth presentations on current events and global issues.

The junior year curriculum widens the breadth of Advanced Placement offerings, encouraging students to conduct their studies by means of the logical inquiry required of college courses. Aside from academic independence being paramount to research, juniors are encouraged to take on leadership roles, whether through interest-based study in the fine arts or well-being initiatives in Seminar.

LFA students emerge as beacons of inquisitive thought, critically analyzing the world around them, and eager to lead their peers into active engagement.

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