Sophomore Year—Exploration and Interaction

Scholarship—Introspection through contextual exploration

Citizenship—Understanding our identity and looking outward

Character—Interaction within the greater community

Responsibility—Developing independence

The sophomore year emphasizes a deeper level of introspection and exploration of content in the academic setting and a greater expectation of responsibility and independence in all areas of school life. Sophomores are encouraged to embrace an outward focus and begin to understand how they can engage with and have an impact on the greater community beyond our school campus.

Building on a solid foundation of analysis and organized thinking, the sophomore curriculum requires more complex levels of inquiry. For example, in World History II, students discuss why civilizations developed in certain regions, or examine how “Enlightenment” ideals affected revolutions around the globe. In Chemistry courses, students conduct lab work that builds upon concepts of chemical bonding and different states of matter to explore scientific trends and properties.

Students hone in on their storytelling and narrative skills in English class to fully capture a formative moment in their lives, incorporating the elements needed to garner audience engagement, as well as developing the authentic voice necessary for their future college essays. Students build on a grammar foundation and begin to use more conversational nuances in culturally relevant, real-life situations as they progress in their language study.

In Seminar, students examine theories of moral and ethical development and apply them through a service project that examines issues of social justice. After having completed introductory Arts courses, students may elect to pursue advanced, individual study in a visual art, or perhaps they work alongside many classmates as a member of Choir or Orchestra.

As students research, reflect, and act, they begin to understand how their identity fits into a larger community.

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