Freshman Year—Introspection and Identity

Scholarship—Foundations of analysis

Citizenship—Understanding our identity and roles in our community

Character— Self-reflection and awareness

Responsibility—Organizing thought and balancing expectations

The rigorous courses and various extra-curricular activities at Lake Forest Academy require students to balance their many expectations and effectively organize their lives as students. In their first year, students learn strategies to help them successfully utilize technology, take notes, and manage their time. These organizational skills help students learn to be responsible for day-to-day commitments, including coursework.

The overall freshman year curriculum emphasizes the foundations of analysis through writing, oral presentations, problem solving, and class discussions. Mathematical concepts explored in Geometry, such as perimeters, areas, and angles are accompanied by identification of cause and effect relationships in proofs. Fundamental laws of physics are experienced using demonstrations and hands-on experiments.

In Seminar, students are guided through their transition into high school and what it means to be a part of this community. In English, they are exposed to foundational techniques of writing and literary analysis. They are instructed in both English and History courses to find their voice through writing, giving them the skills to analyze and communicate effectively. While studying a language, students learn essential vocabulary and work on communicating in various tenses. Arts courses allow students to learn introductory skills and create personal works.

The range of courses available to freshmen helps them identify their own personal interests and strengths. Within these contexts, they explore who they are and how to take ownership of their learning.

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