House Cup

Current House Cup Standings:

LEWIS HOUSE 1032 pts.

WELCH HOUSE 1013 pts.

BIRD HOUSE 894 pts.


The 2019 Frog Hunt is underway! This year's challenges are listed below. Have fun and be creative!

  • 1.A shrine to the Strudwicks. Like, a legit shrine. (Up to 18 points)
  • 2.Rewrite the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song to tell the tale of Dr. Strudwick’s relocation from Andover to Lake Forest and the trials and triumphs appertaining thereto. (14 points)
  • 3.You all know that Dr. Strudwick “retires” on June 30. What you didn’t know is that on July 1, he takes over for Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4: STRUD-Wick. In keeping with his training as an economist and British football fan, how will STRUD-Wick dispose of the various assassins who come after him? Think of at least 6 creative ways. (Up to 12 points.)
  • 4.The tagline for John Wick 3 is “No shouting. No screaming. No shooting. No fear. No fire. No signs. Just one pencil.” In STRUD-Wick, what will Dr. Strudwick do with that one pencil? Special effects permitted. (3 points)
  • 5.Without special effects, though, what is the most amazing thing Dr. Strudwick can ACTUALLY do with a pencil? Film him showcasing his talents. (8 points, and he’s probably only going to agree to do it for Welch House)
  • 6.Make a legitimate Morning Meeting announcement in the style of an increasingly frenzied soccer commentator. (8 points)
  • 7.Dr. Strudwick has been quoting rock lyrics in his Graduation speeches for 18 years. Now, find classic rock lyrics that apply to HIM. (1 point for vaguely correct, 2 points for surprisingly specific, 5 points for uncannily accurate)

  • 8.The longest icicle you can find, brought quickly and intact to anyone in the DOS. (1 pt./inch, rounded up)
  • 9.Your House color may be yellow, white, orange, or black, but you all bleed RED. Prove it by donating one pint of blood (or at least attempting to donate) at a Vitalis or Red Cross blood drive or office anytime in February. (16 points for proof of your donation or attempt.)
  • 10.Attend at least 5 home games/matches/meets during February and have the LFA coach sign your LFA SuperFan Card (available on the House Cup bulletin board) after each game you attend. (3 pts./event, up to 30 points/individual, up to 240 points per House)
  • 11.These go to 11. Tell me where I can find them. (2 points each, 11 pt. bonus for all four)
  • 12.We should really have some Frog Hunt memes. (1 pt. each)
  • 13.CONFIDENTIAL! HANDLE WITH CARE. URGENT. Put as many different ink-stamped commands or warnings as possible on a single 8½ x 11 sheet of paper. (1 pt./stamp)
  • 14.Haiku in praise of Mrs. Zaiff and/or Mrs. Johansson. Must pertain directly to some aspect of their work in the DOS. Post on the DOS bulletin board or office window. (5/7/5 points, whatever that means)
  • 15.Why stop at the Corbin restrooms? What else needs to be switched, and why? (Up to 8 points)
  • 16.Pressed souvenir pennies from up to eight different Chicagoland historic sites or museums or roadside attractions. (4 points/penny, max. 32 points)
  • 17.US coins from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014…oh, you get the point. How far back can you go without skipping a year? (½ point/year)
  • 18.Swim records are on display in the pool. Track records in the Gym. What events would be on the record boards in Cressey, Corbin, the Science Center, or the Student Union? What would there be records for? What would those records be? And who would hold them? All data can (and probably should) be entirely made up, so you might consider earning brownie points by saying that every record is still held by Christian Dozois ’84. (3 points per event & record, max. 45 points per House)
  • 19.How many bricks are in the circle of bricks on the Garden Room patio? (9 points.) How many would be in the NEXT four rings of the circle, based on your determination of the formula at work for the existing circle? (4 points) How will you even tell under all that snow? (0 points, tough luck)
  • 20.Rearrange the letters in any LFA English Department course text to make another plausible book title. Then provide the plot summary for that new book, which should be a slightly scrambled, but not completely different, version of the initial story. In other words, key characters / plot elements should still be evident, even though the new title will push the story in new directions. The Aching They Stirred? Let’s Retract the El? A Tart by the Eggs? (12 points/book, max. 3 books per House)
  • 21.Psych your House up at a February Morning Meeting by lip-syncing the inspirational film speech of your choice (Braveheart, Miracle, Animal House, etc.). You’ll need to reserve a time slot and provide Mr. Koenig with the audio file to play over the onstage drama. (Up to 19 points)
  • 22.LFA doesn’t have a fight song. Or didn’t, until you came along. (Up to 13 points)
  • 23.The Brady Bunch opening sequence repurposed with nine members of your House and appropriate new lyrics to the original song. (Up to 26 points)
  • 24.Let a fellow member of your House cut your hair. Record it. Points depending on the extent and difficulty of the haircut. (Up to 21 points)
  • 25.Pictures of your House Captain with a bunch of different members of your House, whose first letters of their first names spell out the name of a dinosaur of your choice. (1 pt./letter)
  • 26.Too bad Millard Fillmore, Benjamin Harrison, and Martin Van Buren ran for President before there were bumper stickers. Luckily you’re here to design one, complete with a pithy slogan. (12 points)
  • 27.Stuffed animals beginning with each letter of the alphabet. If you own a stuffed elephant named Kutie Pye, you may count it as “E” (for “elephant”) or “K” (for “Kutie Pye,” but only if that particular name is on a tag attached to the animal. (1 pt./letter, max. 26 pts)
  • 28.Third time’s the charm, maybe. We asked in 2017 and 2018, but no one knew where on campus you can find a building labeled “CIRCUS.” (17 points.)
  • 29.Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, starting with any LFA faculty member and ending (naturally) with Kevin Bacon. The connections can be whatever you want them to be, but they must be technically true. Points for legitimacy, inventiveness, and elaborateness of concept. (3 points/faculty member, max. 18 pts./House)
  • 30.Why should St. Valentine and St. Patrick get all the love? Find another saint who deserves a holiday more than they do. Describe the traditional activities that take place on your new holiday (4 points), and celebrate it yourself. (7 points).
  • 31.600-word philosophical reflections on the following musical questions. (6 points each)
  • a.Who let the dogs out?
  • b.What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me.)
  • c.Do you really want to hurt me?
  • d.Should I stay or should I go?
  • e.Does anybody really know what time it is?
  • 32.One-up one of Steph Curry’s wild pregame shots. (Up to 13 points)
  • 33.Give the Wakanda salute by a “Welcome to Wauconda” sign. (9 points)
  • 34.The Motherlode Challenge at The Claim Company is too much to ask ONE of you to tackle…but surely a team of FOUR can handle a 3.5-lb. burger with toppings and chips? Mr. Freeman has one $65 gift card for each House, which will cover the cost of the burger, four sodas, and the tip at either local Claim Company (Hawthorn or Northbrook Court). Before and After pictures required as proof that you actually ate the whole thing. (16 points)
  • 35. Wow, they make that in squid flavor? (5 points)
  • 36.What is easy to reach by G.W.R.? (4 points)
  • 37.Pet as many different faculty dogs as possible (not all at once). Wear your House shirt and take pictures to prove. (1 pt/dog)
  • 38.None of those faculty dogs is a springer spaniel, but there is one on campus. Where? (5 points)
  • 39.Mrs. Mabel Quackenbush Stead. (7 points)
  • 40.A scale model of the next new LFA dorm, made out of LEGO. (Up to 37 points.)
  • 41.A picture of you standing next to an on-campus sign recommending that you wear ear protection. You must be wearing EXTREMELY good, and creative, ear protection. (6 points)
  • 42.Two items for sale at Target, neither of which has a price ending in “0” or “5,” but which, when added together, total an exact dollar amount ($8.00, $24.00, etc.) (5 points)
  • 43.Proof that you won the game in the back of Yeti Eddi. (7 points)
  • 44.The Gift of the Class of 1965. (3 points)
  • 45.The trophy on campus that commemorates an 8th-place finish. (8 points)
  • 46.What did Chick Sherrer and Jim Fraser both win? (5 points)
  • 47.Pick anything, but juggle at least four of them for at least 5 seconds. (10 points)
  • 48.It’s FRØGHÜNT! Provide the IKEA instructions for successfully completing any other Frog Hunt challenge. No words, and only one Allen wrench. (üp to 19 pøints)
  • 49.The amazing idea for a Frog Hunt challenge – remember, we said AMAZING idea – that we had to reject because
  • a.Our lawyers advised us that the risk was too great. (2 points)
  • b.You can’t dig a hole that size in the quad! (2 points)
  • c.We’re not made of money, you know? (2 points)
  • d.Turns out it violated Newton’s Third Law of Motion. (2 points)
  • e.No one has ever seen Ms. Graham get angry, no one wants to see Ms. Graham angry, and this would have made Ms. Graham very, very angry. (2 points)
  • 50.Serve a detention even though you don’t have to. (20 points)

      Everyone at LFA (students, faculty, and staff) belongs to one of four houses - Bird, Lewis, Sargent, or Welch. Throughout the school year, the four Houses compete for the coveted House Cup. The color of the cover of the Student Handbook and the Student Planner, as well as the ribbon around Monty the Bear's wrist, indicate the reigning House Cup champion; these are white this year because Bird House won the House Cup in 2016.
      Students earn points for their House in a variety of ways:
      • Academic accomplishments, such as making the Head of School List or Honor Roll
      • Supporting LFA's athletic teams at games designated as "Pack the Stands" events
      • Performing random acts of kindness
      • Participating in one of the many House competitions, which range from a tug-of-war to a putting contest down the Dean's Office hallway, from a campus-wide scavenger hunt to a chariot race across the football field, from cutthroat games of Hungry Hungry Hippos to spelling bees

          Past House Cup Champions

          2017-2018: Sargent House

          2016-2017: Bird House

          2015-2016: Bird House

          2014-2015: Lewis House

          2013-2014: Sargent House

          2012-2013: Welch House

          2011-2012: Bird House

          2010-2011: Lewis House
          2009-2010: Bird House
          2008-2009: Welch House
          2007-2008: Welch House
          2006-2007: Sargent House
          2005-2006: Sargent House
          2004-2005: Lewis House

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