House Cup

Current House Cup Standings (Heading Into the Frog Hunt):

BIRD HOUSE 663 pts.


LEWIS HOUSE 597 pts.

WELCH HOUSE 617 pts.

    Everyone at LFA (students, faculty, and staff) belongs to one of four houses - Bird, Lewis, Sargent, or Welch. Throughout the school year, the four Houses compete for the coveted House Cup. The color of the cover of the Student Handbook and the Student Planner, as well as the ribbon around Monty the Bear's wrist, indicate the reigning House Cup champion; these are white this year because Bird House won the House Cup in 2016.

    Students earn points for their House in a variety of ways:
    • Academic accomplishments, such as making the Head of School List or Honor Roll
    • Supporting LFA's athletic teams at games designated as "Pack the Stands" events
    • Performing random acts of kindness
    • Participating in one of the many House competitions, which range from a tug-of-war to a putting contest down the Dean's Office hallway, from a campus-wide scavenger hunt to a chariot race across the football field, from cutthroat games of Hungry Hungry Hippos to spelling bees

    Past House Cup Champions

    2016-2017: Bird House
    2015-2016: Bird House
    2014-2015: Lewis House
    2013-2014: Sargent House2012-2013: Welch House2011-2012: Bird House
    2010-2011: Lewis House
    2009-2010: Bird House
    2008-2009: Welch House
    2007-2008: Welch House
    2006-2007: Sargent House
    2005-2006: Sargent House
    2004-2005: Lewis House

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