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The LFA Music Program offers unique experiences in the performance and creation of musical works by engaging both the creative and the analytical talents of every participant. Students perform a variety of music in both large and small ensembles while learning to appreciate and understand the art form within the context of an evolving global culture. Though a wide range of course offerings serves to accommodate all degrees of skill and experience, a disciplined approach to the study of music remains consistent throughout the program. Through a diverse, skill-based curriculum, students gain musical skills, utilize a variety of media, work with well-known guest artists, and have the opportunity to travel and perform across the country.


The academic program at Lake Forest Academy will accommodate the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of creative students. The theater vision is to provide students with a dynamic learning environment where respect is mutual, ideas are shared and learning is not limited to the classroom. Theater will be an environment where learning takes place in the classroom, in the theatre, in our community.

There is a lot of opportunity for theater at Lake Forest Academy. There are two courses, a basic theater class in which the students learn about being a performing actor. All aspects of being a theater actor are covered from learning basic terminology of the stage to basic sense memory. Students learn through monologues, dialogues, and scene work and Improvisation, The Advanced Theater class focuses on the Advanced National Standards for Theater education. The class is more performance based with students performing on stage before audiences.

There are two major productions throughout the school year. There is a Fall All-School production and a Winter musical. Smaller productions in both semesters and in the spring, members of the Advanced class all direct one act plays.

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