LFA Summer Celebration Trip in China 2018

LFA faculty will be traveling around China for the next week and will visit the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, and Taiyuan! Read about their trip below.


Day 6

We said “Pingyao see you again” at 5:45am and began our bittersweet journey home. Thinking of the trip as completing just “7 legs” instead of 30+ hours made it easier to wrap our heads around the travel on this summer solstice. Since it was ‘National Selfie Day’ we did our best to take a group selfie on every leg of our journey.

Legs #1-4 (5:45am - 7:00pm = 13.25 hours) Hotel to Coaster in Pingyao >> Coaster bus to Train in Tiayuan >> Train to Beijing >> Bus to Airport in Beijing

Legs #5-7 (7:00pm - midnight = 18 hours)
Flight from Beijing to Toronto >> Toronto to O’Hare >> O’Hare to Campus/home

We passed time in the Beijing airport having a late lunch, playing a Chinese version of hacky sack, and making new friends on the long flight up over the Bering Strait and back to North America.

Our last flight was delayed but we all made it back safely. Special shout out to Adam Gerber for braving the worst O’Hare traffic I have ever seen to pick our group up and take us back to campus.

We are smelly and tired, but our hearts are full. This trip has been such an incredible experience. We have learned so much about Chinese culture, our students, and ourselves. Thank you to all who made the trip possible, we are so grateful!

~ Maggie

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