LFA Summer Celebration Trip in China 2018

LFA faculty will be traveling around China for the next week and will visit the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, and Taiyuan! Read about their trip below.


Day Six

Coal, Culture, and Choo-Choos

The day started out very early. It was a 6:30 departure from the hotel. We arrived at the train station in Beijing with plenty of time. Maxwell led us all the way onto the train and said goodbye. It was a smooth 2.5 hour train ride to Taiyuan.

We arrived at our very cool hotel, had a nice lunch including zongzi. The legend of zongzi states that the villagers threw zongzi into the river so the fish wouldn’t eat the famous poet, Quyuan, who jumped into the river to escape danger.

The first museum was a beautiful Chinese history museum. We examined Chinese history from the Paleolithic through the Qing Dynasty. Many of the beautiful artifacts were made of bronze. The most popular was this owl.

We also saw some fantastic Buddhist artifacts that many of the teachers took photos of to use in class.

Many of the museum visitors asked to take photos with us and we gladly obliged.

The next stop was a coal museum. We learned fascinating facts about all of the 14 different types of coal and the different regions where coal is mined in China. One of the highlights was a true 4-d experience.

The other highlight was a ride on the coal mine express.

The 2.5 hours we spent at the coal museum was not nearly enough. We could have listened to our guide for ten years and forever. Our guide had a vast amount of knowledge and at the end of the tour I asked her, “what powers this amazing museum?” Her answer was simple, with only one word needed to provide a clear and sufficient answer. She turned to me and said, “coal.”

We ended the long day back where we had lunch and had a tremendous meal with many new items including a delicious soup and succulent lamb skewers.

And that is all for this evening. Tomorrow, we are off to an ancient city where we will stay for 2 nights!

– Sam Wold
Posted by Alex Stevenson on Tuesday June, 19, 2018


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