LFA Summer Celebration Trip in China 2018

LFA faculty will be traveling around China for the next week and will visit the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, and Taiyuan! Read about their trip below.


Day Three

Today, the group woke up early to grab a quick breakfast before jumping onto our bus to beat the rush hour traffic to Shanghai Hongyiao Railway Station. There we boarded a bullet train reaching where we reached speeds of 308km/h or about 185 mi/h to Hangzhou.

Upon arrival at Hangzhou, a small group broke off with Joy to visit a potential sister school. The rest of the group went with Mr. Wang to meet up with Cindy, our tour guide for the day, and board a bus to the Lingyin Buddhist Temple. As Cindy explained the history of the temple, the group saw statues carved in the walls of rocky cliffs and viewed a number of statues ranging up to the age of 800 years old!

After the temple, we went to lunch at Lou Wai Lou overlooking the West Lake. Mr. Wang once again organized a wonderful family style meal with a collection of dishes that represented the culinary style of Hangzhou.

Afterwards, both groups converged and boarded a boat where we were treated to tea and a tour of West Lake. We got to visit an island, take in the views of the city, and hear ancient love stories explaining the names of the many bridges throughout the lake.

Then we had a chance to visit the Silk Market for some quick shopping before we went Tang Palace, a Cantonese restaurant. After some eclectic dishes and some good laughs, we had to rush out to catch our train back to Shanghai. We all had just enough energy to say hello to Dr. Strudwick before calling it a night. Another incredible day!

– Mathias Kerr

Posted by Alex Stevenson on Thursday June, 14, 2018 at 08:48AM


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