This year's Winter Musical was Urinetown, a satirical comedy by Marc Hollmann and Greg Kotis.

Performances took place on Thursday, February 15 and Friday, February 16 at 7 p.m., with a final showing on Saturday, February 17 at 2 p.m. in The Cressey Center for the Arts.

What is Urinetown? Urinetown is an offbeat 2001 Broadway musical which won the Tony Awards for both Best Book and Best Score, and which has since become a staple of high school musical theatre. Importantly for us, Urinetown is an opportunity for an ensemble-forward show filled with classic musical styles and references, but with a contemporary sense of humor that resonates with the cast and crew.

The book and lyrics are by Marc Hollmann and Greg Kotis. LFA's Theater Director and Instructor, Matt Boresi is the Musical Director. Director of Music Timothy Plambeck directs the musical performances and Production Manager Jason Koenig leads the Scenic Design and Technical Direction teams.

Cast & Crew



Officer Lockstock

Sophie Waimon

Little Sally

Layne Eklund+, Elizabeth Campisi*

Bobby Strong

Dominic Scheerer+, Yaokun (Clint) Shi*

Hope Cladwell

Maya Lieberman+, Jiayu (Lina) Wang*

Caldwell B. Cladwell

Graham Lin

Penelope Pennywise

Anna Markey

Hot Blades Harry

Krishna Nair

Little Becky Two Shoes

Lauren Salliotte

Senator Fipp

Mingyang (Derek) Hui

Ms. McQueen

Jiajing (Lisa) Wang

Officer Barrel

Charnice Hoegnifioh

Josephine "Ma" Strong

Lilah Roth

Dr. Billeaux

Zhenya Dubavets

Old Man Strong

Ziting (Thomas) Huang

Tiny Tom

Julia Birmingham

Soupy Sue

Abby Dandrow

Bobby the Stockfish

Tiffany Filawo

Mrs. Millenium

Ximeng (Simone) Li

Billy Boy Bill

Jasmine Filawo

UCG Exec 1

Ayaan Ahmed

UCG Exec 2

Ramya Herman

UCG Ensemble

Emily Hawkins
Cheng (Ben) Qian
Hadley Fagan
Natalia Zienkiewicz
Dora Hu
Rachel Johns
Isabella Wang

Rebel/Poor Ensemble

Irine Oh
Audrey Mullarkey
Kayla Kuehmann
Han Do
Sarah Eisendrath
Tyler Watts
Weihan (Sophia) Wang

* Denotes Wednesday/Friday Cast / + Denotes Thursday/Saturday Cast

Production Team


Matt Boresi

Musical Director

Timothy Plambeck

Set Designer/Technical Director

Jason Koenig


Valerie Gonzales

Voice Instructor

Peg Cleveland Plambeck

Managing Director

Adam Schlipmann

Tech Crew

Stage Manager

Jelani Nicol

Production Design/Outreach

Rachel Nguyen

Lighting Technicians

Isa Blankers (head)

Sound Technicians

Chris Morrison (head)
Conor Dranfield
Michael Lentskevich

Costume Design

Teni Bakare Indo Dixon
Liam Larsen
Manish McLain
Amira Samra
Angelina Shiraishi
Margaret Waldman

Video Production

Amira Samra

Set Crew

Isis Burgos
Nate Koh
Terry Lee
Benjamin Park
Jamie Reid-Anderson
Corlene Rhoades
Gigi Taillon

Pit Orchestra


Jane Xiong


Terry Lee


Chloe Zhong


Chris Li


Timothy Plambeck

Urinetown Slide Show

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