LFA Summer Science Camps

Time and Dates:

  • Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to noon, 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • June 18 to 22 & June 25 to 29


  • Rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders


  • $500 per week for full day session
  • $250 per week for half day session
  • $50 per week for extended day

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  • Outdoor Environmental Education
    Outdoor Environmental Education
    Length: 1 week of full-day classes
    Dates: June 18–22, and 25–29
    Teacher: Kevin Hagen

    Aquatics, Soil, Forestry, Wildlife, and Mapping - one subject each day

    Let’s get outside! Come explore the Lake Forest Academy campus and surrounding area with an environmental lens. Each day will focus on a different unit, from aquatics and water quality testing, wildlife ecology and tracking, forestry and tree identification, soil science, and mapping with GPS. Each full day session will give students time inside the classroom engaging in inquiry-based labs, and time outside of the classroom bringing these concepts to life.

  • Engineering Design
    engineering design science camp
    Length: 1 week of full-day day classes
    Dates: June 18–22
    Teacher: Ed Shaughnessy

    Are you interested in creating rockets, building bridges, and working on cars? Join the Engineering Design class to discover how to construct a tall tower and heat shields. There are total of ten projects that you will design and make yourself as an engineer throughout this week-long program.

  • Wonderful World of Animals
    wonderful world of animals science camp
    Length: 1 week of ½ day classes
    Dates: June 18–22 (mornings)
    Teacher: Debbie Witmer

    A sponge is an animal? A clam has a foot? An octopus can play fetch? Birds have hollow bones? Find out the answers to these and many other amazing fun facts about the wonderful world of animals. In this week-long class, you will learn how animals are classified into different phyla and then get a hands-on look as we dissect several different specimens including a worm, squid, starfish, and a fetal pig!

  • Forensic Archeology
    forensic archeology
    Length: 1 week of ½ day classes
    Dates: June 18–22 (mornings)
    Teacher: Ruth Smith

    Have you ever wanted to solve a forensic mystery? Would you like to go on an archeological dig? In this week-long class students will learn the methods for analyzing evidence. They will learn how archeological techniques are utilized alongside forensic techniques while they excavate a burial. Then they will begin to develop deductive reasoning skills to justify their conclusion. By the end of the week they will solve crimes using evidence seen in all the crime drama series, including fingerprinting, blood, hair and fiber.

  • Lego Robotics
    lego robotics science camp
    Length: 1 week of ½ day classes
    Dates: June 18–22 (mornings)
    Teacher: Joe Ward

    Learn to create small functioning Lego robots and program them to do a task in this hands on, interactive camp. You will learn both skills in engineering, problem solving, and computer programming as you try and create a robot to perform a task.

  • DNA Technology and Genetics
    dna tech and genetics science camp
    Length: 1 week of ½ day classes
    Dates: June 18–22 (afternoons)
    Teacher: Ruth Smith

    What does the future of medicine look like? Are X-men possible? In this week-long class genetics will be explored using various methods including classical Mendelian genetics and some innovative applicative biotechnology. Students will begin to develop mathematical skills that aid in analysis of population genetics and will conduct population studies. DNA technology will be examined and students will begin to develop skills used by genetic engineers. DNA technology is the next great technology and this course will allow students to understand the future direction of this discipline of biology.

  • The Amazing Human Body
    human body science camp
    Length: 1 week of ½ classes
    Dates: June 18–22 (afternoons), June 25–29 (mornings)
    Teacher: Debbie Witmer

    209 bones, over 700 muscles, 100 billion neurons, 28 feet of intestines, 8 pounds of skin. The human body is an amazing machine made up of 11 systems that function together to make us who we are. In the week-long class, you will discover how these systems work and participate in hands on activities that showcase the wonderful workings of the human body! At the end of the week you will dissect a fetal pig and relate structure to function in regard to body systems.

  • Introduction to Computer Programming
    computer building science camp
    Length: 1 week of ½ day classes
    Dates: June 18–22 (afternoons), June 25–29 (mornings)
    Teacher: Joe Ward

    An introductory course which will teach students the basic ideas of programming languages such as loops, control structures, syntax, etc. Code will be written in both Java and Python and will be heavily based in a graphical environment.

  • Chemistry
    chemistry science camp
    Length: 1 week of ½ day classes
    Dates: June 25–29 (mornings or afternoons)
    Teacher: Kerry Cedergren

    This summer enrichment program will give students the opportunity to participate in inquiry-based hands-on experiences during this one week chemistry camp. Think like a Mythbuster to understand how diapers could be so absorbent or how polymers can be used for environmental cleanup. Learn about food chemistry and how to interpret the ingredients lists of your favorite foods.

  • Our Impact on the Planet
    environmental science summer camp
    Length: 1 week of ½ day classes
    Dates: June 25–29 (afternoons)
    Teacher: Debbie Witmer

    What does it mean to say we are “going green?” How big is your carbon footprint? What role does the economy play in environmental issues? What can one person do? Is global warming real and what can we do about it? These are only a few of the thousands of questions that come up every day when looking at the environment and the impact we have on it. In this week-long class, you will look at answering these questions and many more through discussion, debate, activities, and hands on labs. Learn how you can leave your mark on this environment and leave it in a better place!
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