Branding Guidelines

Logo Use

The Book and Bell logo (above) and tagline (Midwestern Heart. Global Mind.) are to be used for both internal and external communication purposes.

The Lake Forest Academy seal (above) will be used where deemed appropriate (e.g. on diplomas, official formal documents, etc.) but it should not appear on the same surface or page with the Book and Bell logo and tagline.

Logo Usage

Use only officially prepared logos provided by Lake Forest Academy Communications.

  • The required space around the logo should be no less than the height of the bell holder in the illustration.
  • For logos in print materials, use an AI (Illustrator), EPS, TIFF, or PDF file type.
  • For logos used on a screen or online, use a JPG, PNG, or GIF file type.
  • If you need a logo with a transparent background, use the AI, EPS, or PNG file type.
  • Logos may be enlarged or reduced in size to fit the application, keeping the dimensions intact, without distortion in shape. Logos should not be altered, or use colors not specified in the Color Palette & Specs section.

Color Palette & Specs

Pantone (Print 2-color)

CMYK (Print 4-color)

RGB & Hexcode (Digital)

PMS 1665

0C | 69M | 100Y | 0K


243R | 113G | 33B

PMS Black

0C | 0M | 0Y 100K


28R | 28G | 26B

PMS 128 C

0C | 7M | 75Y | 0K


243R | 213G | 78B




255R | 255G | 255B

PMS Warm Gray 1C

3C | 3M | 6Y | 7K


219R | 216G | 209B


Main/Header Typeface – Saniretro

Secondary/Body Typeface – Helvetica Neue(LT Std)

  • Saniretro is an all-caps font. It is a free download from
  • Helvetica Neue LT Std is not free and LFA only has licenses for the Communications office and contracted graphic designers. (Suitable substitutes for the body typeface are Helvetica or Arial for documents and collateral materials.)

Approved Background Colors

Print and Digital Work

  • Black | White | Gray | Silver | Orange Ivory | Yellow

Apparel and Merchandise

  • Black | White | Gray | Silver | Orange | Ivory | Khaki | Denim | Yellow
  • Additional colors--if the artwork appears on other colors for items such as event T-shirts, the logos should be reproduced in either white or black
  • Etching--logos may be etched on glass, metal, stone, etc.
  • Embroidery--logos may be embroidered in either a 2-D or 3-D type of stitching.
  • Die-Cut and Laser-Cut--OK
  • Embossing/Debossing--OK on paper and fabric in approved colors.
  • Foil Emboss--OK in Black, Orange, White, Copper, or Silver

Additional Logos & Usage

Please contact the Communications Department for access to any of the logos listed in this section.

Ferry Hall Logos

Ferry Hall Seal

Ferry Hall Sign Logo

These logos should be used in black or white only, and only on a black, yellow, or white background.

LFA Interlocking Logo

LFA Interlocking Logo - full color

The interlocking LFA is typically used in two-colors as shown (orange with black outline) but may also be used in a single color (black, white, or orange) or single color outline only in black, white or orange with “empty” interior, one color for both outline and interior.

Caxy Frog

Caxy Frog Samples

Caxys doesn’t have an apostrophe, unless using a possessive, e.g. “The Caxys’ home- opener was exciting!” In this case, the apostrophe goes after the s in Caxys.

Typography for Spirit, Teams, Clubs, Activities

This is available in CAXY/CAXYS, LFA, & LAKE FOREST ACADEMY, and each set of typography is available in horizontal, arched, and vertical versions. This typography may be produced in black, orange, white, or gray lettering, or a combination of these colors. It may be used with a graphic or icon that represents the activity, e.g. a helmet, stick, bat, waves, musical notes, etc. Artwork is available in each style for the following: Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Choir, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Hockey, Lacrosse, Laptop Orchestra, Parents Association, Prep Hockey, Robotics, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Wrestling. Please contact the Communications Office for artwork.

Arched Examples

Horizontal Examples

When the word CAXYS appears alone, it is plural. When it appears with a co-branded team or club name, it is singular: CAXY.

House Cup Logos

House Cup Logos

House Colors

Bird = White Lewis = Orange (PMS 1665) Sargent = Yellow
(PMS 102 - bright yellow)
(PMS 128 - softer yellow)
Welch = Black

Pitfalls to Avoid

Distorted Logos



If you’re resizing an image in a Word doc, click on the Shift key and drag one corner of the picture box diagonally at the same time to resize - this keeps the image from distorting. When you’re finished dragging the frame to the desired size, don’t take your finger off the Shift key until you’ve released the cursor.

Non-LFA Colors on the Logo



If the purpose of using a different color is cause-related (e.g., pink for breast cancer awareness), the logo artwork may appear in black or white on cause-color fabric. Contact the Communications office with any questions.

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