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Meet LFA's Master Keys

(L-R) Shreya Singhvi ’18 , Katy Morrison ’18, Emily Xu ’18

The Caxy Key program is a unique way for prospective families to find out more about LFA. Every year, over 150 students give tours, guide applicants during open houses, and help out on shadow days, which allow new students to walk in the footsteps of a Caxy. Our Master Keys, the Caxy Key leaders, talk about what their roles mean to them.

The Caxy Key program is invaluable to LFA. It gets me out of my comfort zone by leading tours and having shadows, but also lets me learn more about the school. It's a great way to get more involved and to help the admissions office in all that they do.

I was so grateful to receive the Master Key title for this school year. With this role, I can get to know some of the underclassmen and hopefully ease their transition into high school, and contribute to improving the LFA community.


Being told that I was to be a Master Key for the 2017-2018 school year was one of the greatest moments I've had during my time at LFA. Not only was it a position that I've wanted since freshman year, but it's also something I had worked for since then as well.

The main reason I wanted to be a Master Key was because being a Caxy Key has always been my favorite way of being involved at school. I thoroughly enjoy working on panels, writing postcards, and most of all, interacting with prospective students and simply sharing my love for the school and community. Being able to do this and work closely with our admissions office is a true privilege, and I look forward to working with the new students as well.


During my first campus visit, I watched my tour guide confidently introduce LFA to me. That was exactly when I decided to become a Caxy Key. Lucky for me, I was chosen to be one of the Master Keys and am in charge of presenting all things LFA.

I am more than willing to show my view and perspective of LFA. We have a welcoming and embracing environment that fosters not only students’ academic capabilities but also the overall LFA culture. I love dissolving any concerns and questions from people who don't know much about LFA, and I enjoy being a representative of the student body when expressing our thanks and enthusiasm to our trustees and families. Above all, I love being a Master Key who can truly reflect LFA's spirit.


Posted by Ms. Grace Kim in September 2017 on Friday September, 8, 2017


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