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It’s a secret to no one that we live in polarized times. While our nation’s citizens may be more politically engaged than ever before in their lifetimes, they are almost evenly split (and dug in) on the two sides of our political spectrum. When one side is in control, the consequential win-lose scenario leaves half our citizenry angry, distrusting, and fearful. When power is shared, we bemoan gridlock’s resultant inaction. So let’s figure out a better way. Join us this February for discussions and presentations centered on listening, understanding, and empathizing, with a goal of ultimately meeting in the middle.

Building on the success of our inaugural FIRE (Fostering Intercultural Respect and Engagement) Conference in 2017, we are inviting you and your students to participate in Lake Forest Academy’s second annual conference titled Engaged Citizenship: Meeting in the Middle on February 16, 2019. Email Lusanda Mayikana with any questions.

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Please note: The fee is $400 for a group of 10 students and 2 chaperones.

If you are attending alone, please write your preferred name.​

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