Application Process

What is your admission deadline? February 1st. Please note that after the deadline we will review applications on a rolling basis, depending on space availability.

What if I can't come to campus for an interview? We understand that not everyone is able to make the trip to campus for an interview. While we prefer an in person interview, we can also schedule a Facetime or Skype interview at your convenience.

What happens during an interview? The purpose of the interview is to get to know the student and get an idea of how they might be involved in our community. It is a conversation between the applicant and admission representative. While the applicant will certainly be asked questions regarding their schooling, extracurricular activities and interests, it is also a great time for the applicant to ask any questions they have about the school!

Financial Aid

What is your financial deadline? January 15th. Please note that financial aid is limited so applications received after this date are based on available funding.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Do you offer scholarships? We award a small number of Headmaster’s Scholarships to recognize students of high academic achievement. Students are automatically reviewed for Headmaster's Scholarships in the application process.

Can I get financial aid? We award $5 million in financial aid grants each year to assist qualifying students whose families are unable to cover the cost of an LFA education. You must apply for financial aid by the January 15th deadline.

When do I receive my financial aid award? Students are notified of their financial aid award with their admission decision on March 1st.

Campus Visit

Can I come visit classes at LFA? Yes, 8th graders and older can spend the entire morning visiting classes, interviewing, touring the campus, and having lunch with a current student. We also offer an opportunity for your parents to meet with someone on our Admission staff to answer their questions. We have concluded our shadow days for the current year but will offer them again next fall!

What happens during an interview? The purpose of the interview is to get to know the student and get an idea of how they might be involved in our community. It is a conversation between the applicant and admission representative. While the applicant will certainly be asked questions regarding their schooling, extracurricular activities and interests, it is also a great time for the applicant to ask any questions they have about the school!

Life at LFA

What is a typical school day like? LFA operates on an A to G day schedule. Every day is similar with a few exceptions: students start late on D days (8:45) and are released early on G days (1:00). Staples of a student’s day would include: breakfast, classes, meeting with their advisor either in advisory or morning meeting, lunch, more classes, sports, dinner, and to wrap up the day study hours. Depending on the day the students might have a free period or break to meet with teachers, work on homework, or just relax and talk with friends.

What are LFA’s athletic requirements? Freshmen and sophomores must participate in all three seasons with at least one team sport. Juniors and seniors are required to participate in two seasons, one being a team sport, but they are always welcome to participate in all three.

What’s it like being a day student? Day students spend an entire day on campus. Some come early for breakfast, participate in athletics and after school activities, and even stay for dinner and study hours. All students can enjoy weekend activities, meals in the dining hall, and access to teachers. As a day student your experience is in your hands!

What’s boarding life like? As a boarder, you have the opportunity to live in one of our five single-sex dorms. Each is supervised by dorm parents and has its own unique personality. You get to live, study, and play with your classmates. After school, boarders participate in athletics and clubs just like day students. Then, from 8:00-10:00 pm, boarders must be in the dorm or a designated study space for study hours supervised by on campus faculty. On the weekends, boarders can participate in a variety of activities on and off campus. With 48% of our students living on campus, there is never a dull moment as a boarding student!

What is there to do on the weekends? There is always something to do on the weekends for both boarding and day students! Every weekend we host activities on and off campus from trips to downtown Chicago to visit the Art Institute, Chinatown and Michigan Avenue to sporting events and movie marathons in the dorms.

Where do students come from? Our students come from all over. From the Chicagoland area to 18 states and 34 countries, to be exact!

What’s a Caxy? The Caxy is our mascot and is ancient Greek for “ribbet” which is why we have an energetic, green frog jumping around our athletic events.

What is the dress code? Young men must wear a collared or button-down shirt that is tucked in and accompanied by a tie, dress pants, khakis, nice-colored denim, or corduroys accompanied by a belt and dress shoes or nice sandals.

Young ladies must wear nice tops of modest fit and at least three fingers of shoulder coverage. Collared shirts, collared blouses and polo shirts are strongly recommended. Khakis, nice-colored denim, or corduroys are permitted as well as dresses (with three fingers shoulder coverage) and skirts of mid-thigh or longer length. Leggings are only acceptable with dresses or skirts. Dress shoes or nice sandals are allowed while flip-flops are not acceptable.

For both, sweaters, jackets, blazers, or LFA sweatshirts are optional on regular school days. Non-LFA sweatshirts are not allowed.

While the dress code is defined by gender, the academy recognizes that not all students express their gender in line with their biological sex and thus supports any student’s expression of gender within the spirit of the dress code.

What resources are available to students if they need extra help? Lake Forest Academy offers many different options for students who need extra help. The Academy has a Learning Resource Specialist who spearheads our academic support program. This program is available to students who are struggling academically. Working with the Learning Resource Specialist, an informal individual plan is developed for these students to determine and, if necessary, assist in working with possible learning difficulties.

In addition, math help is offered twice a week and LFA also has a writing center open Sunday through Thursday evenings where students can have a faculty member review essays or research papers they are working on. One of the great benefits of being a boarding school is that faculty members are around outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to work with their teachers to set up cycle meetings or find a mutually free time to get extra help if needed.

Being a Parent at LFA

What if my child gets sick? We have an infirmary staffed seven days a week with nurses from Lake Forest Hospital. They care for sick students, supply over-the-counter medication, and dispense any necessary prescription medication to students. They are also available to transport students to any medical appointments they might have.

How do parents get involved? Parents are encouraged to join our Parent Association in order to get to know one another as well as stay up to date with that is going on in our community. Through the Parent Association you have the opportunity to be an ambassador for international and new families, help plan various events, get involved in the Arts and Athletics, and work on the Student Life Committee.

How do we keep in touch? Your student’s advisor is your main point of contact between your child and their teachers/school community. Families meet with their child’s assigned advisor and the beginning of each year to discuss how they want to communicate over the school year.

What support services are available for my child? LFA has many support services available to its students. From our counselors who provide clinical assessments and short-term therapy to our Learning Resource Coordinator who provides resources for developing necessary study skills.

International Students at LFA

What is the Admission process for international students? The process is the same for both our international and domestic students. The only difference is that if you come from a non English speaking country you must take the TOEFL test and submit your scores as part of the application process. Please visit our apply page to see all documents required for a complete application.

How many international students do you have on campus? One of the aspects of our school that we are most proud of is our diversity both internationally and domestically. We have students attending LFA from 14 states and 37 countries! International students make up about 26% of our total student population.

Do you offer ESL classes? Yes. Our ESL program is one of the best in the country! It is very well established and has been around for almost 40 years. We offer full time ESL classes and students test into the appropriate level.

Do you have any summer programs? We have a six week summer program for international students. Classes are held for 4½ hours a day, four days a week, with an all school educational trip each Friday for our B-2 Visitor Visa and Visa Waiver Students, and for 4½ hours a day, five days a week for students who have have been accepted by LFA for the full year academic school year. To learn more visit our website.

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