Once on This Island

This year's Winter Musical was Once on This Island, a love story based on the novel My Love, My Love by Rosa Guy.

Performances took place on Thursday, February 16 and Friday, February 18 at 7 p.m., with a final showing on Saturday, February 18 at 2 p.m. in The Cressey Center for the Arts.

The musical is a captivating legend of romance between a peasant girl and a rich city boy whom she saves from death. Music Theater International summarizes the musical, stating, "There is a violent storm raging around the small Caribbean island. A frightened child is being comforted by the storytellers. The island is inhabited by people who are the rich landowners and people who are the poor peasants who have to scrape for a living. Ti Moune is an orphan girl chosen by the gods for a special fate and saved for a special destiny by Asaka, mother of the Earth. Now a grown-up, Ti Moune sees the handsome Daniel Beauxhomme passing by in his fine car. In the storm the car crashes and Ti Moune rushes to his rescue. By cheating the Demon of Death, Papa Ge, Ti Moune saves Daniel's life but at a terrible price - her soul."

The book and lyrics are by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. LFA's Department Chair of the Fine and Performing Arts, Dr. Monica Palmer, is the Musical Director. Director of Music Timothy Plambeck directs the musical performances and Production Manager Jason Koenig leads the Scenic Design and Technical Direction teams.



Mama Euralie

Nelofer Siddiqui (Understudy, Lilah Roth)

Tonton Julian

Sampson Hao (Understudy, Charnice Hoegnifioh)

Little Ti Moune

Katie Dozois (Understudy, Layne Eklund)

Older Ti Moune

Anna Markey (Understudy, Maya Lieberman)

Daniel Beauxhomme

Dominic Schereer (Understudy, Krishna Nair)

Erzulie (Goddess of Love)

Ellie Annibali (Understudy, Angelique Alexos)

Asaka (Mother of The Earth)

Zoe Lewis (Understudy, Tiffany Filawo)

AGWE (God of Water)

Zuhri Bryant (Understudy, Erin Snoddy)

Papa Ge (Demon of Death)

Nick Lin (Understudy, Sampson Hao)

Andrea Deveraux

Sophie Waimon (Understudy, Katie Dozois)

Armand Beauxhomme

Krishna Nair (Understudy, Graham Lin)


Angelique Alexos
Teniola Bakare
Katie Dozois
Layne Eklund
Sarah Eisendrath
Tiffany Filawo
Sampson Hao
Charnice Hoegnifioh
Kayla Kuehmann
Maya Lieberman
Graham Lin
Anya Martinez
Audrey Mullarkey
Krishna Nair
Lilah Roth
Lauren Salliotte
Stephanie Shugert
Erin Snoddy
Sophie Waimon
Margaret Waldman
Jiajing (Lisa) Wang
Jiaju (Lina) Wang
Weihan (Sophia) Wang
Zihan (Helena) Xu

Tech Crew

Technical Director

Mr. Koenig

Stage Manager

Jelani Nicol

Assistant Stage Manager

Isabella Blankers

Lighting Board Operator

Amira Samra

Lighting Designer

Erin Malcolm

Soundboard Operator

Angelina Shiraishi
Jamie Reid-Anderson
Terry Lee
Kiki Hood

Sound Designer

Chris Morrison

Video Operator

Antonio Murrieta Steinman
Amira Samra


Audrey Tallion
Indonesia Dixon

Run CrewIsis Burgos

Rachel Nguyen
Jenny Dong
Ashley Wang
Sarah Hong
Maria Bernal
Lucy Wong
Michael Lentskevich
Camille Pastrana
Manish Mclain
Vita Gu
Corlene Rhoades

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