Gifts and Pledges through

March 14, 2018

Anonymous (9)
Pam Dye and Jim Alexander
Jorie and Charlie Alutto
Gladys Reyes and William Amft
Elva and Luis Arreola
Becky and Dwight Arrowood
Norma and Rick Ascroft
Abisola and Olushola Bakare
Carma and Dave Baker
Geetha and Malik Bandealy
Lisa and Earl Barnes
Raya Satibaeva and Kuatbay Bektemirov
Alison Ranney and Erik Birkerts
Mary Susan Birmingham
Nia Bonds
Nadiah and Daniel Bonnin
Ana Krause-Borjas and Carlos Borjas
Judy and Jeffrey Brady
Mia and David Buhl
Isis Marban and Anthony Burgos-Plaza
Janine and David Campisi
Vicky and Patrick Carroll
Kathleen and Patrick Carroll
Cyndi Gryniewicz and Mike Cassettari
Maria and Jaime Castillo
Benita and Eric Cathey
Danchen Gao and Lawrence Chan
Jianbo and Lingguo Chen
CC and Tim Chia
Lia and Mark Chong
Nancy and Thomas Clarke
Betty and Christopher Collins
Meg and Bill Collins
Christina and Patrick Corsiglia
Anneliese and Bob Crawford
Noemi and Eduardo Cuesta
Julie and Chris Dandrow
Eunice Piedrahita and Mauricio Delgado
Laura and Chris Dozois
Elizabeth and Ted Drury
Meriam and Marc Eklund
Erin and Jamal English
Laura and Shawn Fagan
Susan and Brent Felitto
Roz and John Fiocchi
Stephanie and Matt Fisher
Vanessa Fisher-Dolinsky
Chris and Edward Franco
Roma Franzia
Katie and Matt Frekko
Susanna Pagliaro and Daniel Gallagher
Renata Ferraiolo and Antonio Luis Galvao Costa
Laura and Gregg George
Greg Glass
Jennifer and David Grumhaus
Katarzyna Wieromiejczyk and Douglas Gullang
Ardelle Hagar
Sharmella and Charles Harris
Kathy and Jim Hawkins
Kassandra and Mel Hayes
Sue and Bill Hayes
Lori and Sixto Hernandez
Leisha Hill
Ola Glodek and Marek Honczarenko
Sheri and Dave Hone
Angela and David Hooke
Edita and Z Hromic
Christine and Michael Hudziak
Joey Pearlman and Daniel Hughes
Yan Zhang and Hongye Hui
Kathy and Russ Ivinjack
Lynn and Doug Jackson
Matt Jacobson
Gladys Jarrell
Sarah and Scott Jhin
Donna and Dave Johns
Annie and Jeff Johnson
Karla and Rob Johnson
Melissa and Chuck Jones
Dragica and Branimir Juric
Jolana and Peter Kakavas
Ann and Bill Kasten
Kitty and David Knauz
Carolyn and Randal Knowles
Laura and Jason Koh
Heather and Joe Kotlarz
Elissa and Ted Kovas
Susan and Andy Krivoshik
Patty and Charlie Kuehmann
Jeanette and John Kuhns
Beth and Tom Langston
Karen and Peter Larsen
Misun and Al Lee
Moonkyung Choi and Keyyup Lee
Jackie and Paul Leib
Anne and Olivier Leonetti
Angela and Vincent Levi
Julie and John Levin
Xiaohong Xin and Jian Li
Kathy Alred Lin and John Lin
Jianmei Liu and Dong Liu
Zee Zhuang and Perry Liu
Anne and Tim Mahon
Gina and Bruno Mancari
Joyce Kim and William Markey
Sara McKinnon-Martinez and Humberto Martinez Jr.
Anka and Trent Mayberry
Geraldine and Coleman McDonagh
Agnes McGrail
Monika and John McLain
Kelli and Don McMahan
Delilah and Antreas Mesrobian
Deepika Duggirala-Miglani and Rahul Miglani
Gul Mirza
Meg and Jamie Muir
Maureen and Michael Mullarkey
Preetha and Rajesh Nair
Kim and Dan Nash
Shaemia and Ronzeyl Newsome
Renee and Michael Nocella
Bola and Olumide Oluwole
Rachel and Andrew Osborne
Heerim and Anthony Park
Mr. Park and Ms. Jin
Kelly and Shawn Park
Marc Pearlman
Dena and Jeff Perry
Ela and Paul Podedworny
Sarah and Tom Priest
Caroline and Paul Pugliese
Nicole and Steven Putzel
Allison and Rob Rabin
Amy and Marshall Reavis
Judith and Jim Reid-Anderson
Corlene and Michael Rhoades
Kim and Mark Rust
Nina and Bikram Samra
Brett Jaros and Phil Schaffart
Jennifer Basden and Steven Scheerer
Elisa and John Schilling
Margaret and Roderich Schwarz
Elizabeth and John Seebeck
Jill and Rob Selati
Anne and Danny Shapiro
Sue and Matt Shattock
Ramona Sequeira and Thaxter Shaw
Santa and Esteban Shugert
Marianne and Jeff Silver
Shelby and Andy Silvernail
Kristi and Michael Skinner
Erin and Garry Sloan
Alok and Sonali Srivastava
Samuel Stathos
John and Loring Strudwick
Stephanie and Armand Taillon
Lisa and Rich Tobin
Nora Quintanilla-Torres and Eugenio Torres
Sangita and Hardik Vashi
Lydia and Jim Vaughan
Kristine Von Ogden
Rachel and David Waimon
Kathy and Matt Waldman
Elizabeth and Barry Walvoord
Tao Xu and Jianping Wang
Aibin Gu and Xiang Wang
Wendy and Lowell Weil
Mardah and Neal Weinfield
Elizabeth and Christopher Wigfield
Mary and Robert Womsley
Jenny Huo and Jun Wu
Lisa Wu and Xiaobing Xu
Dan Chen and Jie Yang
Thomas Zengeler
Ivy Jiang and Al Zhou
Agnieszka Michalak and Miroslaw Zienkiewicz

Cornerstone Society

The Cornerstone Society recognizes and honors our generous donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually to the Academy Fund. Young alumni ('04-'18) are encouraged to support LFA at modified Cornerstone Society giving levels. This leadership support is vital to the continued success of Lake Forest Academy.

Giving Levels

Founders Circle


Heritage Circle

$25,000 --$49,999

Legacy Circle


Leaders Circle


Benefactors Circle


1857 & 1859 Circle




Cornerstone levels for Young Alumni:

Giving Levels by Class


$ 900




$ 800




$ 700




$ 600




$ 500


$ 75


$ 400


$ 50


$ 300


$ 25


$ 250

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1500 West Kennedy Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045
(847) 615-3210

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