November 2020 Assessment Calendar

Please click on each individual event to see a full list of the classes/assessments during each time slot. 

  • This Thursday, November 19 will be a reading day; there will not be classes that day and the meals for the day will be brunch and dinner. Day students are not expected to come to campus that day as we will not be having advisory.
  • Students who are currently enrolled in remote sections will take their assessments with the remote sections.
  • Students who are in-person will take their assessments at the scheduled time in the assigned classrooms.
  • Students who have recently transitioned to remote for COVID-related reasons should plan to take their assessments while on Zoom during the scheduled in-person assessment time so that everyone can sit for the same assessment. Newly remote students are expected to take the same test as the in-person students.
  • For any student taking a virtual exam, he or she will be asked to show the workspace; they should plan to use two devices so the video is always on while the test is taken test virtually (a cell phone and iPad works if you do not have a laptop).
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