Hall of Fame and Woman of Distinction


The LFA-FH Hall of Fame (HOF) was founded in 1980 to honor those individuals who have earned distinction in one of three categories: Outstanding Achievement and Service to SocietyService to the School, and Achievement in Athletics. In 2016, the Academy added Achievement in the Arts to this list. The Ferry Hall Woman of Distinction Award (WOD), which was introduced in 2004, recognizes outstanding achievements by graduates of Ferry Hall.

Every year, the Academy honors its HOF and WOD awardees during Alumni Weekend.

Would you like to nominate a fellow alumnus/a for an award in one of the following categories: Service to Society; Service to the School; Achievement in the Arts; Achievement in Athletics; Ferry Hall Woman of Distinction? Please fill out this form or send an email to Director of Alumni Engagement Ruth Keyso via email or to the school's address at 1500 West Kennedy Road, Lake Forest, Illinois, 60045

Past Women of Distinction

The Women of Distinction Award (WOD) was established by Lake Forest Academy in 2004 in collaboration with the Ferry Hall Task Force, later the Ferry Hall Advisory Board. The award honors Ferry Hall alumnae who have achieved distinction in volunteer or professional pursuits, and who serve as role models for Lake Forest Academy’s entire student community.

Past honorees include Ann Ridge ’71 (2004), Evan Gaines DeRenzo ’69 (2004), Sally Proudfoot Gries ’63 (2005), Mary Colvert Carroll ’58 (2005), trustee Nancy How Speer ’59 (2006), Lavern Norris Gaynor ’41 (2007), Amy Hempel ’69 (2007), Nicki Newman Tanner ’53 (2008), Ruth DeYoung Kohler ’59 (2008), Nancy Neustadt Barcelo ’70 (2009), Susan Neustadt Schwartz ’72 (2009), Kathy Neustadt ’74 (2009), Karen Keating Ansara ’75 (2010), Elizabeth (Betty) Teegarden Bertani '49 (2011), Lynne B. Kulieke (2012), Dotti Freytag Beck von Peccoz Howe '53 (2013), Ann Stebbins Sidles '54 (2014), Margo Pinney Norris '54 (2014), Susan Pike Lovejoy '64 (2014), Charlene Vala Laughlin '64 (2014), Beth Petit Shaw '75 (2015), Catharine Cline Hamilton '65 (2016), Terry Hall '67 (2017), Loring Strudwick P'13, '15, '18 (2018).