Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) was created in 2013. It united the former Alumni Council with the Ferry Hall Advisory Board. The new group comprises 33 members representing the decades of the 1960s through the 2000s. The group held its first formal meeting in April 2014 on campus.

AAB volunteers assist the Academy with a variety of initiatives: They help with fundraising outreach; serve on host committees for events; drum up attendance at events; assist with registration at Alumni Weekend & Reunion; serve on the Parents Weekend alumni panel; and assist with networking nights and social gatherings. The Academy relies on AAB members to spread the mission and message of LFA today among the wider LFA and Ferry Hall community. AAB members serve three consecutive one-year terms.

Members represent all sorts of professional backgrounds and come from different parts of the country, with a majority living nearby in the Chicago area. Members are expected to attend one annual meeting, which takes place over a two-day period in March or April. During this meeting, they interact with the Deans, attend classes, dialogue with a panel of students, learn about the inner workings of the Academy today, and brainstorm on ways to keep alumni engaged and active in the school community.

If you are interested in being a member of the AAB or learning more about the board, please contact Director of Alumni Engagement Ruth Keyso 847.615.3268

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Interested in other ways of staying involved with the school? There are plenty of opportunities for engagement. Do you have a reunion coming up and want to make sure all of your friends are there? Do you love throwing parties and wish there were more events in your area? Are you starting a career or changing jobs and want to network with other graduates? Are you already a supporter of the Academy and want to see other alumni doing the same?

LFA needs your help in all of these areas. Please let us know what you would like to do. Contact Ruth Keyso at 847.615.3268.

AAB Members 2019-20

Mary Anne Ameter '61
Eric Bauer '12
Josh Brass '10
Leland Brewster '07
Eric Brown '98
KC Chilamkurti '11
Romaer Chopra '15
Alicia Cressey '03
Toby Davis '08
Charles Domash '08
Frances Crane Dotson '05
Gail Gadberry '85
Linda Parker Garard '73
Elisa Gutierrez '06
Terry Hall '67
Bob Hellyer '77
Loretta Kalnow Kaplan '73
Michael Karras '84
Mark Karstrom '80
Jeff Konker '66
Mghnon Martin '05
Cecily Barnett Meers '69
Jack Mengel '06
Lauren Neal '02
Natasha Patel '11
Arthur Preiss III '04
Ann Ridge '71
Beth Petit Shaw '75
Bridget Carroll Sliney '87
Scott Stone '94
Willow Walker '03
Nancy Wang '13