The endowment touches every aspect of school life. It supports a faculty member doing research in the rainforest, a financial aid package for a student in need, cutting-edge technology and facilities, academic programming that keeps students current and competitive.

Endowment dollars have both an immediate and long-term effect. Income from the endowment supports the day-to-day operations of the school while the principal grows, giving the Academy a financial cushion in times of need.

A gift to the endowment is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to the school and its mission and to ensure its long-term success. Your investment in the endowment makes a difference at LFA, both today and tomorrow.


Athletics are a powerful way to keep young people engaged and active in a school community and motivated to excel in all areas of life. By participating in sports, students develop a competitive spirit and learn the importance of both resilience and teamwork.

An endowed fund for athletics will support travel and transportation costs for LFA's athletic teams. It will allow athletes to travel nationally, where they will experience tougher competition, receive exposure as a team, bond with one another as teammates, and create lifelong memories of their high school experience. By making a commitment to support this initiative, you are demonstrating your belief in the power of athletics to engage and motivate young people and to inspire them to dream big, both for themselves and for their team.

Endowed Faculty Chairs

Teachers are the lifeblood of LFA. The school is committed to attracting and retaining the best educators possible, people committed not only to their area of expertise but also to teaching students how to learn.

Endowed chairs provide a key source of funding to support compensation for these professionals and to enhance departmental initiatives, thereby ensuring that LFA can compete with peer institutions for the most talented and transformational educators around.

Financial Aid

Give young people a chance to discover a world bigger than the one they once knew. Expose them to subjects and circumstances that will transform their lives.

LFA prides itself on being one of the most economically and racially diverse schools of its kind. One look at the current population of 430 students--from both local towns and faraway countries--reveals a community that is a microcosm of the world. The Academy wants to keep this balance intact by attracting the best and brightest students to campus, regardless of their economic circumstances.

By supporting financial aid at LFA, you are gifting opportunity.

Fine and Performing Arts

The arts are about expression. Whether students are on stage, behind an easel, at the piano or in the darkroom, they are expressing their individuality and celebrating the beauty of the world around them.

LFA faculty are exposing students to the most current trends in the world of fine and performing arts today. But they need your help to take the program to the next level.

An endowed fund in the arts would support:
  • a visiting artist program
  • master classes with visiting artists
  • an annual LFA arts performance with an internationally recognized artist and featuring LFA student performers

Global Entrepreneurship

LFA is a unique institution. As such, it demands a unique curriculum. The Academy has an opportunity to prepare its students for careers in a global marketplace in which they will be expected--and encouraged--to play a leading role.

An endowed fund in global entrepreneurship would support:
  • visiting speakers, including entrepreneurs and global businesspeople
  • an annual conference for local and global business leaders to interact with LFA students
  • courses, clubs, and independent studies that promote the spirit of entrepreneurialism

Today's students are tomorrow's economists, entrepreneurs, and executives. Make an investment in their education today. Watch them change the world tomorrow.


Science and Technology

Science is about discovery, imagination, and connection with the world. Support of the sciences ensures that LFA students stay at the forefront of scientific exploration and that they can compete at the highest level with their peers around the country and throughout the world.

LFA has established a science and technology fund to support its goals:
  • new equipment and technology for science labs
  • lectures by visiting scientists
  • advanced elective courses
  • professional development opportunities for faculty