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Lake Forest Academy's 2023 All-School Handshake

Lake Forest Academy welcomed a total of 446 students on the first day of the 2023-24 school year on Monday as the school opened its doors with the Opening of School Meeting followed by the traditional All-School Handshake.

The 446 students are an all-time high for enrollment at LFA as 137 new students joined 309 returning students. The student body traveled to the Lake Forest campus from 16 different states and 41 countries and territories. In addition to the students from across the nation and around the world, day students from 43 different local communities are enrolled this year at LFA.

The entire LFA community met in the Formal Gardens with Head of School Chris Tennyson P’27 and started the All-School Handshake with a flip of the coin to decide which direction to start. He was joined by All-School President Jerry Ren ’24 to get the line started around the formal gardens and pagoda.

Prior to the start of classes a week of preseason brought the campus to life once again as fall sport athletes reported to campus and retreats were held for the senior and freshman classes. The seniors traveled to Lake Geneva, Wis. for two days while the freshmen spent a day on campus learning about LFA followed by a day trip to Wisconsin and Boundless Adventures.