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Lake Forest Academy’s Science Olympiad team recently traveled to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to compete in the Illinois Science Olympiad State Tournament, where they earned a second place finish within their competition division.

All high school Science Olympiad teams in the state of Illinois compete in Division C, and within Division C, teams are placed into seeds (A or AA), based on the ranking of the teams at each regional tournament, the teams’ previous two years overall ranking at the state tournament, and Seeding Committee determination. This seeding structure allows teams to compete with other comparable schools to allow the state tournament to remain competitive and fair. LFA’s team competed in this year’s A seed, which included the top 25 schools in the state of Illinois within that seed.

Illinois Science Olympiad is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of science education, while increasing student interest in science disciplines and recognizing outstanding science education achievements. The regional and state tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of team-based events. Students on LFA’s Science Olympiad team have been working since August to prepare their projects for both the regional and state tournaments.

The following results represent LFA’s top-six place finishes at the state competition:

Air Trajectory - 5th Place - Noah Cedergren ’24 and Camron Peat ’27
Anatomy and Physiology - 1st Place - Bao Le ’25 and Jerry Ren ’24
Astronomy - 5th Place - Anna Wu ’24 and Jim Nguyen ’24
Chem Lab - 5th Place - Steven Zhang ’24 and Grace Wang ’27
Codebusters - 4th Place - Jim Nguyen ’24, Toby Nelson ’24, and Steven Chen ’25
Detector Building - 3rd Place - Jim Nguyen ’24 and Steven Zhang ’24
Ecology - 6th Place - Noah Cedergren ’24 and Jerry Ren ’24
Experimental Design - 4th Place - Clare Gartz ’26, Matthew Jun ’26, and Grace Wang ’27
Flight - 1st Place - Noah Cedergren ’24 and Camron Peat ’27
Forensics - 5th Place - Anna Wu ’24 and Bao Le ’25
Fossils - 6th Place - Toby Nelson ’24 and Lola Tobin ’25
Geologic Mapping - 4th Place - Toby Nelson ’24 and Bao Le ’25
Microbe Mission - 6th Place - Anna Wu ’24 and Jerry Ren ’24
Scrambler - 3rd Place - Daniya Nussipbek ’24
Tower - 1st Place - Camron Peat ’27 and Toby Nelson ’24
Wind Power - 4th Place - Clare Gartz ’26 and Jim Nguyen ’24
WIDI - 6th Place - Clare Gartz ’26 and Lola Tobin ’25

Trial Events:

Agricultural Science - 1st Place - Ginny Chang ’25 and Daniel Choi ’26
Bottle Rocket - 3rd Place - Ben Costello ’27 and Ethan Wuang ’27
Entomology - 4th Place - Ginny Chang ’25 and Daniel Choi ’26
Geocaching - 2nd Place - Ben Costello ’27 and Ethan Wuang ’27
Solar Power - 5th Place - Lunar Nguyen ’26 and Trisha Yannemsetty ’27