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group of students posed in hallway holding plaque

On Saturday, Feb. 24, LFA’s Math Team competed in the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) regional competition at Niles West High School, where they earned first place and secured their spot in the upcoming state competition.

LFA competes in Division 2A, which covers schools with enrollments between 400 and 1,099 students and includes four regional schools and 52 statewide. LFA's 27-member team earned a total of 899 points at the competition, which was enough to rank the team in first place, both regionally and statewide within their division. The qualifying finish means the team is now preparing for the ICTM State Math Contest, which will take place on April 6 at Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, Ill.

Top 3 Schools within Region w/ Points:

Lake Forest Academy - 899; Fenwick High School - 830; Latin School of Chicago - 718

Top 3 Schools within Division w/ Points:

Lake Forest Academy - 899; Morton High School - 855; Fenwick High School - 830

A full list of LFA team and individual rankings are as follows:

  • Algebra 1 Team: First Place
  • Geometry Team: First Place
  • Algebra 2 Team: Second Place
  • Precalculus Team: First Place
  • Freshman-Sophomore 2-Person Team: Third Place
  • Junior-Senior 2-Person Team: Second Place
  • Junior-Senior 8-Person Team: Second Place
  • Freshman-Sophomore 8-Person Team: First Place
  • Calculator Team: First Place
  • Algebra 1 Individual: Five Top-10 Rankings
  • Geometry Individual Five Top-10 Rankings
  • Algebra 2 Individual: Four Top-10 Rankings
  • Precalculus Individual: Four Top-10 Rankings