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The Lake Forest Academy Science Olympiad team earned third place in the Illinois Science Olympiad competition on April 23. 

The following students earned individual and team honors:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: fourth place, Anna Nikishina ’23 and Sofya Vinokurova ’23
  • Cell BIology:  first place, Cindy Nguyen ’23 and Jonathan Xiao ’24
  • Codebusters: fourth place, Cindy Nguyen, Akhil Kommala ’22 and Brendan Flaherty’22
  • Detector Building: third place, Anton Walvoord ’23 and Brendan Flaherty
  • Dynamic Planet: fifth place, Sajan Shah ’23 and Anna Wu ’24
  • Forensics: second place, Anna Wu and Brendan Flaherty
  • Trajectory: first place, Noah Cedergren ’24
  • Wifi Lab: third place, Toby Nelson ’24 and Anton Walvoord

TRIAL EVENTS (not included in the overall score)

  • Home Horticulture: first place, Annika Subrahmanian ’23 and Jonathan Xiao ’24
  • Cyber Security: fifth place, Kevin Wang ’24 and Daniya Nussipbek ’24
  • Solar Power: third place, Jerry Ren ’24 and Anna Wu

Mimi Osborne ’22, Mia Hernandez ’24, and Adrian Helmerci ’22 also contributed to the team score leading to the third place finish.

Congratulations, Caxys!