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3d rendering of athletics center expansion - exterior building during the night

More Information: Athletic Center Expansion

Lake Forest Academy is embarking on an ambitious capital project that will see a major expansion of the Academy’s indoor athletic facilities. This 45,000-square-foot Athletic Center Expansion to the west of Crown Fitness & Wellness Center will double the indoor space for athletics, fitness, and recreation.

"This Athletic Center Expansion project serves our entire Lake Forest Academy community and beyond. It speaks directly to athletics’ foundational status in the LFA experience,” said Head of School Chris Tennyson. “This facility will serve all students and adults in the LFA community and be the catalyst for greater efficiency in scheduling not only for the athletics department, but across campus while also advancing the LFA brand locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Our campus is excited for this project and we are looking forward to working with our many partners and supporters on this endeavor.”

When the Charles F. Glore Memorial Gymnasium was dedicated in April 1953, it was recognized as one of the best athletic facilities at the time. Additions to the athletics footprint in recent decades enabled growth of the athletics, fitness, and recreation programs which now exceed the limits of the current building.

The Athletic Center Expansion project features three regulation multi-use courts for indoor sports that currently share one court in Glore Gym. Other amenities of the new state-of-the-art facility include:

  • A competition court 
  • Squash courts for practice and competition
  • An indoor running track
  • Indoor turf to accommodate training for outdoor sports
  • Other significant community amenities

The expanded facilities will offer a new hub for services and resources for athletes, creating efficiency, and building camaraderie and community.

Together, these projects will help LFA students become even more competitive, build the programs' reputation, and help attract and retain talented student-athletes looking for opportunities to compete at their very best, led by first-rate faculty coaches. In addition, because these projects increase the physical training space for our athletes, access to facilities space becomes more abundant for other fitness programs and recreational activities for all LFA students.

This expansion will bring LFA’s indoor sporting facilities in line with its competition from other top boarding schools and other regional public high schools. Guests from local communities and around the region visit the Academy's athletic facilities each year for athletic events, camps, and tournaments. An up-to-date, expanded facility will better represent Lake Forest Academy to prospective students and visitors while also serving the current student body with collegiate-level physical fitness facilities.