LFA News

eight AIME students posed for group photo

Congratulations to the eight LFA students who recently qualified for and took part in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME).

The students who qualified include:

  • Minha Chung ’26
  • Frank Liao ’25
  • Yiwen Lu ’25
  • Toby Nelson ’24
  • Jerry Ren ’24
  • Kevin Wang ’24
  • Benjamin Xu ’25
  • Zoey Zhu ’26

Students qualify for the AIME by first participating in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), a series of competitions in secondary school mathematics. To move onto the AIME, students competing in the AMC must rank in the top five percent of the AMC 12 (students under the age of 19.5 and in grades 12 and below) or the top two-and-a-half percent in the AMC 10 (students under the age of 17.5 and in grades 10 and below).

The AIME is a selective and prestigious 15-question exam taken in a three-hour time period. Questions increase in difficulty and all answers are integers between zero and 999 inclusive, which removes the element of chance on a multiple-choice exam. Students are prohibited from using calculators and can only use pencils, paper, compasses, and rulers.

By participating in the AIME, all eight students are eligible for consideration for the United States Mathematical Olympiad, the national team that competes in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Qualification is based on performance on both the AIME and AMC and is highly selective.