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LFA 2020-2021 Prefects

  • Tan Jin ’22
  • Ricky Ascroft ’22
  • Mariana Quiroz ’22
  • Natalie Putzel ’22
  • Safiya Nicol ’22
  • Maeve Brady ’22
  • Andrew Zengeler ’22
  • Diana Borland ’22
  • Arianna Griffiths ’22
  • Mimi Osborne ’22
  • Steven Sun ’22
  • Ezzat Suhaime ’22

Prefects are conscientious and dedicated students who serve the school community and advance the school's mission. The Prefects work closely with students, including proctors, club leaders, and class presidents, to act as a resource for important issues and to help ensure the proper ordering of school life. They assist with the opening and closing of school, New Family Day, Multicultural Day, and others. As part of opening of school, Prefects will help coordinate and organize new student activities during orientation and during the fall semester through the Peer Mentor Program.