LFA News

four students posed in front of a bulletin board holding certificates

Eight LFA students recently received recognition after participating in the 20th National Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) Essay Contest.

The contest took place in the fall 2023 semester, and the LFA students who participated represented a variety of grade levels and are members of different levels of Chinese classes offered at LFA.

The students recognized include:

  • Sami Awada ’24: Silver Award (G12, Regular)
  • Jamie Pruett ’24: Honorable Mention (G12, Regular)
  • Bela Bock ’25: Gold Award (G11, Regular)
  • Joon Lee ’25: Gold Award (G11, Regular)
  • Kaylee Park ’25: Honorable Mention (G11, Regular)
  • Lindsay Stone ’25: Gold Award (G11, Regular)
  • Sari Cheung ’26: Gold Award (G10, Regular)
  • Caden Ye ’26: Participation Award (G10, Heritage)

This year's contest followed the theme "Understanding One Another, Caring for One Another" and sought out essays that discussed how to love and support all members of our communities, particularly those who are marginalized or misunderstood. Essay subjects all fell within that theme and varied across participants' grade levels; specifically, essays at the high-school level covered the topic: "Analyze the challenges faced by individuals or groups due to their differences, and discuss any injustices you have observed or experienced in your community. How can individuals, groups, or institutions foster an atmosphere that welcomes and respects everyone to address these injustices?"

Congratulations to these students for their efforts and achievements!