The members of Choir perform for the audience.

LFA showcases student work in the Neal/CellmerĀ Art Gallery periodically throughout the year.

Students perform their electronic music pieces at the Arts Extravaganza.

This year's Winter Musical is "The Addams Family" and will be showcased in February 2018.

LFA offers Black and White Photography as a course.

The LFA orchestra performs at the annual Arts Extravaganza during Parents Weekend.

Students at LFA have a multitude of opportunities to show off their talents through courses in the Fine and Performing Arts Department. All students must take a minimum of three arts courses for graduation, but many end up participating in additional activities.

Arts offerings include:
  • Fall Play, Winter Musical, and Stage Crew
  • Choir, Orchestra, and Jazz Band
  • Piano and Electronic Music
  • VOX (musical theater performance group)
  • Acting, Directing, Playwriting, Theater Tech, and Public Speaking
  • Design, Drawing, Paiting, and Black & White Photography
  • Sculpture, Ceramics, and Woodworking
  • AP Music Theory and AP Art History

Those who have a serious interest in the arts can also apply to enroll in the Arts Concentration Program. Students can specialize in music, theater, or the visual arts to create a portfolio, perform in recitals, or display work in exhibitions to prepare for entry into prestigious arts colleges and university programs.

Arts Calendar