Head of School Symposium

Yearly, Dr. Strudwick, with input from others around campus, chooses a topic he would like the community to explore together through outside speakers, trips off campus as well as informal information sharing at All-School and Morning Meetings. Each symposium has left its mark on the school, whether physical changes such a water coolers that neither use plastic containers to hold water nor provide disposable cups in an effort to minimize the impact on the environment, or impact of a more intellectual variety such as the ability for students and teachers alike to speak intelligently about important issues.

You'll find a list of all the Head of School Symposium topics below.
2019-20 Inequality and Global Poverty
2018-19 Russia: Revolution and Resurgence
2017-18 The Brain: Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation
2016-17 The Caribbean: Climate, Commerce, and Culture
2015-16 Immigration, Emigration, and Migration: Culture, Citizenship, and Conflict
2014-15 Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos: Culture, Conflict, and Commerce
2013-14 Tomorrow's World: The Power of Science and Technology
2012-13 Brazil: Order and Progress
2011-12 Religious Pluralism: Education, Progress, and Peace
2010-11 India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh: Partition, People, and Progress
2009-10 Gender Issues in the 21st Century
2008-09 Environment
2007-08 Africa: Beauty, Crisis, and Hope
2006-07 Global Pluralism
2005-06 Islam and the World
2004-05 LFA Missions
2003-04 Asia with attention to China
2002-03 Africa

Photos from this year

HOS Symposium Trip 2019

HOS Symposium Day

HOS Symposium All-School Meeting

LFA students from Russia gave a presentation to their peers and teachers during the first HOS Symposium All-School Meeting in fall 2018.