Global Department

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The Global Department houses the Global Concentration, a two-year cohort program culminating in a Capstone Celebration. In addition, the Global Department provides innovative introductions or in-depth study of subject matter that is global in nature. These courses allow all students the opportunity to further individualize and deepen their global education while at Lake Forest Academy. The Global Department faculty members come from a variety of other academic departments and collaborate to design creative, student-centered learning environments. 

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Yearlong Courses

Global Concentration: Cohort

  • Prerequisite: Application required. *This class must be taken as a 6th course. It may be taken as a 7th course.
    [One Half-Credit]
  • Open to: Juniors

In this two-year concentration, students begin working with a cohort of classmates. The cohort design is at the heart of the Global Concentration and is what makes it unique. Students will be part of this dynamic, student-driven cohort for both years of the program. This will allow students to collaborate, developing their skills and delving into a variety of topics. The cohort is designed to be purposeful, reflective, interdisciplinary and collaborative. Multiple off- campus experiences are included in the program. Students must apply to the concentration in April of their sophomore year. 

Global Concentration: Capstone

  • Prerequisite: Seniors who have completed Global Concentration: Cohort. *This class must be taken as a 6th course. It may be taken as a 7th course.
    [One-half Credit]
  • Open to: Seniors

In the final year of the Global Concentration, students will continue to work in their cohort and develop a deeper and expanded understanding of a variety of global topics.They devote much of their time to their individualized capstone project, working closely with a mentor to help them develop their project. Engaging with a community outside of Lake Forest Academy is a key requirement of each student’s capstone work. The Capstone Celebration, during which all students will showcase their work to the wider community, will take place in April of their senior year.