Digital Media Literacy

digital media literacy course map

Yearlong Course

Digital Media Literacy

  • Prerequisite: None
    [One Credit]
  • Open to: Freshmen

This course aims to empower students to develop the necessary skills to navigate an ever-changing information landscape and digital world with confidence, make informed decisions when evaluating information, and engage responsibly with emerging technologies. The course will equip students with critical digital competencies and media literacy skills for research in high school and beyond.

Throughout the course, students will explore a wide range of media literacy topics, alongside foundational library research skills. The course will emphasize critical thinking and recognizing the increasing importance of technology in accessing and evaluating information. Students will learn how to effectively use library research tools and platforms (catalogs, databases, source citation tools, and other digital resources) and understand how to incorporate primary and secondary sources into the research process. They will gain proficiency in navigating digital platforms commonly used for everyday coursework, such as Google Workspace, Notability, and Canvas. Furthermore, they will develop real-world digital competencies, including understanding copyright and intellectual property, podcasting, utilizing AI ethically, engaging in design thinking, and experiencing hands-on fabrication with 3D printing.