Arts Concentration

The Arts Concentration program invites disciplined students with exceptional ability in the arts to further develop their talents within the context of a rigorous academic program. In addition to specific course requirements, Concentration students will have the opportunity to improve their skills during after- school lessons, programs, and practice time, providing them with opportunities for in-depth, one-on-one instruction with fine arts faculty.


Arts Concentration in Music

The Arts Concentration in Music helps prepare advanced music students for success in college music programs. The Concentration in Music provides committed vocal and instrumental music students the opportunity to intensely concentrate on their artistic development. The students participate in weekly private music lessons, small ensemble rehearsals, solo performances, concerts and other events. Participation is by audition.

Arts Concentration in Theater

The Arts Concentration in Theater prepares advanced theater students for college theater programs and/or professional theatre pursuits. Committed participants interested in performance, directing, or technical theatre and design will be given special guidance and an arena in which to develop their craft. To participate in the program, students must participate in advanced classes, school productions, weekly directed study, and pursue some degree of external experiences in theatre as agreed upon with the faculty mentor.

Arts Concentration in Visual Arts

The Arts Concentration in Visual Arts is intended for juniors and seniors who plan to submit a portfolio for college admission. Students will learn the process of properly documenting and presenting their work for college admissions. To participate in the program, students must be enrolled in a visual arts course fall and spring semesters and participate in art exhibits.