HOS Search

In early October, the Board of Trustees appointed José de Jesús as LFA's 30th Head of School.

In February 2017, Head of School Dr. John Strudwick announced that he would be retiring at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year.

Since 2001, under John's leadership, LFA has built ten new buildings, renovated or improved nearly all other existing facilities and implemented four strategic plans (2003, 2008, 2014, 2018). In 2014, LFA celebrated the successful end of the Academy's first comprehensive capital campaign, which raised $68.8 million. The campus has transformed dramatically, and LFA's community has continued to thrive with John as its leader.

In fall of 2017, the Board of Trustees formed a search team consisting of trustees, life trustees, faculty, parents, and alumni to find the next visionary leader who would continue to carry out the Academy's legacy as a first-rate boarding and day school. The team worked with Deirdre A. Ling of Educators' Collaborative LLC to recruit and review potential candidates and recommend finalists to the Board.

In September, three finalists visited LFA to meet with faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and students. The larger LFA community viewed the live streamed meetings as well as video recordings. Feedback about each candidate was collected from online surveys.

For over 161 years, the Academy has stayed true to its core values of educating the innovative minds of the next generation. The institution and its people are poised to achieve higher levels of success and look forward enthusiastically to a new chapter in LFA’s history.

HOS Search Team

Makola Abdullah
(Trustee 2010-present; LFA 1986)
Petersburg, VA

Kerry Cedergren
(Faculty 2001-present; P '13 '17)
Libertyville, IL

Jim Cowart
(Trustee 2011-present; LFA 1969)
Laguna Niguel, CA

Chris Dozois
(Faculty 1989-present; LFA 1984; P '17 '21)
Lake Forest Academy, LF, IL

Gloria Harper
(Faculty 1989-2006; P '93; Trustee 2007-2016; Life Trustee 2016)
Chicago, IL

Ned Jessen
(Trustee 1999-2008; 2009-present; P '01; 05; Life Trustee 2008)
Lake Bluff, IL

Gregory K. Jones
(Trustee 2010-present; P '12 '14)
Lake Forest, IL

Beth Moritz
(Trustee 2016-present; P '15 '16 '18)
Winnetka, IL

Kathy Pollock
(Trustee 2014-present; Ferry Hall 1970)
Chicago, IL

Judith Reid-Anderson
(Trustee 2015-present; P '13 '16 '18)
Lake Forest, IL

Mike Schell
(Trustee 2001-2010; 2011-present; Life Trustee 2010; LFA 1965)
Chatham, MA

Ramona Sequeira
(Trustee 2017-present; P '17 '19)
Lake Forest, IL

Marianne Silver
(Trustee 2015-present; P '08 '16 '19 '21)
Lake Bluff, IL

Richard Zhao
(Trustee 2010-present; LFA 2004)
Houston, TX