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The Spectator is published eight times per year by the students of Lake Forest Academy and is a forum for student expression. Student reporters also have their own website, Caxy News, for additional publications. Follow our student reporters on their Twitter and Instagram accounts for the latest news on LFA!

*The views and reporting herein are the sole product of The Spectator's student reporters and in no way reflect the official views of Lake Forest Academy faculty, staff, administration or Board of Trustees.

The Spectator Staff List


Austin Clamage
Sandra Shaw
Hunter Wolff

Managing Editor - News

Peter Corsiglia

Managing Editor - Features

Andrew Ryder

Managing Editor - A&E

Hong Joo Kwon

Managing Editor - Op Ed

Will Everett

Managing Editor - Sports

Obaid Ansari

Photography Editor

Allison Torres

News Editors

Ananta Srivastava
Dieter Villegas

Features Editors

Shreya Singhvi
Ayaan Ahmed

Op-Ed Editor

Daniel Chia

A&E Editors

Elizabeth Christoph
Katy Morrison

Senior Sports Editors

Jacob Chagoya
Lucas Jacob
Nithin Reddy

Sports Editors

Jaleel Gray
Max Hayes
Jack Mahon

Staff Writer

Kyle O'Shaugnessy

Faculty Adviser

William Murphy

Online Faculty Adviser

Jeremy Sands

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