Arts Concentration

Lake Forest Academy’s Arts Concentration program provides focused and committed students the framework for an intensive and progressive study in the Visual Arts. Under the guidance of the Visual Arts faculty and through frequent peer interaction, students are encouraged to pursue their area of interest in a program that emphasizes personal growth and exploration, and fosters enthusiasm for experimentation, creative thinking, and discovery.

Arts Concentration in Music

Arts Concentration in Music in Music helps prepare advanced music students for success in college music programs. The concentration in music provides committed vocal and instrumental music students the opportunity to intensely concentrate on their artistic development. The students participate in weekly private music lessons, small ensemble rehearsals, solo performances, concerts and other events. Participation is by audition only.

Arts Concentration in Theater

Arts Concentration in Theater prepares advance theater students for college theater programs. The concentration in theater provides committed theater students in performance or technical design with the opportunity to focus on their development. To participate in the program, students must participate in advanced classes that lead to light, sound, and scenic designs, stage management or performances in a production.

Arts Concentration in Visual Arts

The creation of an Art Portfolio is one of the main focus points of the Arts Concentration in Visual Arts program. The Portfolio will outline a structure against which you can develop a broad body of finished work representative of your technical and conceptual skills that you have developed over the past few years.

This course is for Juniors and Seniors who have successfully completed two previous levels of a specific discipline within the visual arts."

Independent Study in the Fine Arts

Independent Study in the Fine Arts is designed to provide juniors, seniors, and other serious Fine Arts students with opportunities to study a preferred medium in greater depth and to prepare a portfolio for college admission. Independent Studies in Fine Arts is a credited course designed through written proposal by a student to be supervised by one or more faculty members with approval from the instructor(s), the student’s academic advisor, the department chair, and the dean of faculty. Independent Studies in the Fine Arts requires inner discipline and the ability to establish and fulfill goals. Any student applying for Independent Studies in the Fine Arts must have fulfilled the graduation requirements within the department and established a strong academic record in order to be considered a candidate. [One semester, Quarter credit.]

Independent Study-Advanced Music Studies

Independent Study-Advanced Music Studies is offered to advanced music students who work at a high performance level, to more completely hone their performance skills. The student meets individually twice a cycle with an LFA music teacher, and also participates in a regular group studio class with other high level student performers to receive teacher and group feedback, and to observe from the musical work of other students. To be considered for this class, students must have previously participated in other LFA music classes. Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and departmental approval required. [One semester, Quarter credit.]

Independent Study -Musician Skills

Independent Study- Musician Skills is offered to any serious performer who wants to develop important musical abilities which will enhance music-making, such as ear training, sight singing, basic harmonic understanding, and basic piano abilities. These skills improve the musicality of developing performers who are seeking to broaden and strengthen their musical abilities, and topics studied will adjust according to student need. The structure of this class enables a musician to concurrently participate in large LFA ensembles while learning valuable musical knowledge. The course will meet three times per cycle, and will utilize a wide variety of written materials and technological aids. Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and departmental approval required. [One semester, Quarter credit.]

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