Yearlong, Half Credit Arts Courses

Note: The following courses in the Fine Arts are offered as Yearlong, Half Credit. These classes will meet three times per cycle for the full school year. This will allow for a student to take one of the following as a seventh class on their schedule and fulfill .5 of their 1.5 Arts graduation requirement.

2D Studio Level II

This course is a continuation from Intro to 2D Studio and will focus on experimentation in painting, printmaking, drawing, technology- based imaging, and collage. Methods of generating, collecting and elaborating on ideas are developed through exercises and projects, both individual and group. Ultimately, students discover that through conceptualization and discovery, ideas will manifest into reality through strategies they can sustain as an ongoing process. The course challenges all participants to draw on their personal experience as it relates to the world around them. [Yearlong: meeting 3x per cycle, Half credit] (Introduction to 2D Studio is a prerequisite for this course)

Intermediate Photography

Intermediate Photography: Advanced Photographic Techniques is a continuation of Introduction to Digital Media and Photography and will cover greater depths of the manual operation and exploration of 35mm, medium format, large format, and digital cameras. Students will learn and explore more advanced techniques of both analog and digital photography. The primary objective for this course is for students to use their knowledge of the fundamental principles of photography as a means of visual expression as well as to demonstrate their skills by exploring various photographic styles. Students will demonstrate proficiency in proper film exposure, film developing, digital color correction, and silver gelatin printing. Both content and technique is expected to be at its highest quality. Students will also gain both historical and contemporary knowledge of artist/photographers that specifically pertain to each lesson. [Yearlong; meeting 3x per cycle, Half Credit](Introduction to Digital Media and Photography is a prerequisite for this course)


Yearbook: Publications is a course to teach students the skills required to create the book and to produce a book which reflects journalistic standards. Students will also learn to write copy, captions and headlines; take digital photography; create desktop publishing and use appropriate technology tools for media production.In order to accomplish these objectives, the course will devote time to the following: desktop publishing with eDesign, incorporate advanced design principles such as grid design and understand layered coverage while developing student leadership skills and decision making. [Yearlong: meeting 3x per cycle, Half credit]

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